Disabled Bonded German Shepherd Ladies Rescued & Need a Home

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4.12.15 - Disabled German Shepherds Need a Home1


This comes from dog rescuer Jennifer Quesenberry in Virginia:


I know this is a long shot request, but these two girls really need our help.

May and Princess — AGES: 8-9 Unknown with cats or kids.

May and Princess are two female seniors who have been bred their entire lives. Their owner dumped them at a rural shelter in NC, saying “they weren’t in good shape.”  The shelter has taken them to the vet, as they cannot walk and are dragging their legs. They suspect DM [degenerative myelopathy] and one may have hip dysplasia, but all blood work and x-rays looked good otherwise. They are both HW negative.


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We would like to keep these two in the same foster home. The shelter told us they lived with dogs in their previous home and do not pay attention to the shelter dogs. They are in a chain link kennel outside at this shelter, directly next to another GSD and seem to do well. They can be put to sleep at any time and are extremely urgent.

I have been begging and pleading with everyone I know to pull these seniors, and am told they have NO commitment. With several people offering boarding we have decided that if money can be raised to have them boarded while we work out the details of where they go, then we will help them. Please help us save these girls. We need to commit TODAY to get them out.

I set a high goal due to their current health and the unknown with taking them on.

They will still need a foster, if you can help please email us at [email protected].

We are 501c3 and your donation is tax-deductible.

Thank you!


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UPDATE: 04/11/15
I picked up May and Princess last night from a transport at 2:00am and dropped them off at my local emergency vet for boarding. Once we got there I realized just how pitiful their situation is. My heart stopped. Was this the right thing to do? Would they be better off with humane euthanasia? I went home and the four hours I slept were spent dreaming about them.

This morning, I went to see them. They were completely different dogs! The shy withdrawn dogs were suddenly true GSDs – they just couldn’t walk! I had planned to bring them home with me for one night, but Princess wasn’t having it with my current dogs. She may have been defending herself or simply trying to play, but she was a feisty one.

I went back into the vet and spent over an hour with them. I saw their true selves emerge. They can’t walk, but they can scoot and they loved every second of my attention. I went and bought new toys and after a brief moment of confusion and a few squeaks – they were all games! I spent over an hour tossing the toy back and forth, numerous ear rubs and just loving on them. It was difficult to leave, but I will be back in the morning.


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These girls need a solution. The vet is not the place to be. Even though they were generous enough to donate their entire office to the girls, they need a real loving home. They have so much left in them.  Please help us find that special home willing to give them the love they have deserved their whole lives.

We have a vet appointment tomorrow. We hope there is something we can do, but our funds are really tight and we’re not sure what to expect. They both really need an MRI, but at this time we do not have enough money to order one.

Training Rescue Dogs does TRANSPORTS!  Contact here for details.

If you would like to donate towards their boarding fees or medical care, please CLICK HERE.  For updates, please follow our Facebook page.



Probably their first toy ever!

Posted by Jennifer Quesenberry on Saturday, April 11, 2015




4.12.15 - Disabled German Shepherds Need a Home8


Beautiful Blue also needs a home, but he’s a very special case, and needs someone who is skilled in training traumatized dogs.

Blue is still in boarding/training – please help us find him a home! Blue is a sable German shepherd about two years old. He was confiscated by animal control due to neglect. He had been tied in a backyard without shelter, food, or water. It was obvious he never had a human in his young life who cared for him.


4.12.15 - Disabled German Shepherds Need a Home10


Nevertheless, he did warm up to shelter staff, albeit slowly. He is currently in a boarding and training facility and making excellent progress. He wants and enjoys human interaction, but is not yet sufficiently socialized. It took the trainers about five days to gain his trust so a positive relationship could then begin to form. He is learning to trust, but still at times may be reactive to those he does not know. However, thanks to the training he receives, he is beginning to understand and enjoy human affection and contact.

As a result of his training, he is gaining confidence in himself and around other humans. To gain his trust, a relationship must be built first. He does not respond to dominance, but rather mutual respect and a confident leader. He understands and responds to many commands, on and off leash. Blue is a good dog who will make a wonderful companion, but he will need someone who is patient and will work to build a relationship with him.


4.12.15 - Disabled German Shepherds Need a Home7


I went out to see him after he completed a month of training. He was completely non-reactive and even friendly with me. His favorite thing is his Kong, but his most favorite thing is his Kong with peanut butter! It is not known how he would interact with children or other animals. He most likely would do well with older children or teens and dogs who are not dominant and who have no interest in other animals.

Interested adopters may arrange to visit him with his trainers. It will be best for a prospective adopter to develop a familiarity and relationship with Blue while at the training facility before taking him home. Getting to know him while working together with his trainers will allow Blue and his new human to begin to bond. This will make the transition to his forever home less stressful and since the training facility is the first stable and caring environment he has ever known.

Training Rescue Dogs does TRANSPORTS!  Interested adopters may contact [email protected] or 202-350-1149.


4.12.15 - Disabled German Shepherds Need a Home9


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  1. Wow, the owner of those GSD girls needs to have all their dogs taken from them. What an ignorant breeder. That is simply horrible. Poor things, I hope they find a wonderful home.

    • this is a sad story and unfortunately gets even sadder i had a 10 year old with this after the legs go then he cant control his bowels then his urine and no matter how clean and comfortable you try to keep him the flies set in and lay there eggs and when i couldn’t keep the maggots away and he looked me in the eyes and said i had enough he went from 110 lbs down to 70 sometimes out of selfish love we hold on too long i hope these pups can experience love in the short time they have left

      • I understand your GSD’s situation but you can’t assume that these dogs are in an identical situation. They should enjoy any amount of time they have left, they might age slower. They look happy and animated to me. Dogs are know when their time is up.

        • I agree, it is n.ot up to us to play G-d with their lives they should choose
          how they want to le, (or die), not s.

    • More humane to put them down, end of story. Their ex-owner needs to be beaten up badly, then shot, like most imbeciles who harm animals and not only. Hey, Anon, would u like to spend the rest of ur life in a wheelchair, as u recommend for these 2 wonderful “girls” or die with dignity?

        • Wally, your reply gave me a spontaneous laugh, thanks for that. Please don’t pay attention to the trools, they fade away if you don’t feed them.

      • At xyzc…….what the hell is wrong with you? Put them down because they can’t walk? They have wheels for dogs that can’t walk which gives them all the freedom they could and want to have! I have seen videos of dogs using them, and they walk and run just like any dog that can use all four legs!!

        Should we put down humans just because they can’t walk?? That would probably be your mentality!!

        You should be ashamed of yourself!!!

        • I agree!!! People with that type of mentality don’t deserve to be pet owners, let alone comment on their well being! These morons should NEVER be allowed to own a house pet! NEVER!!!!!!

      • you are an idiot!!!!! so spending your life in a wheelchair is bad? I would be thankful I am alive but I guess the childern and adults I care for as a nurse that are in wheelchairs for the rest of their lives should probably be killed!! What a dumbass you are!

      • Actually the wheelchairs are wonderful. many dogs have been saved with them and been happy using them. also MANY people live great full lives in a wheelchair. Putting them down is not easy as you may think. My beautiful beloved bullmastiff developed cancer last year. we discovered it the first week of nov. I decided to bring him home and do hospice care. we shared some of our best times those few weeks he lived. putting him down the day he stopped eating and the 1st day he had real pain was the hardest thing I ever did. he told me when it was time. I also have a 15 yr old 3 legged schnauzer. He’s had a couple of seizures and his balance isn’t good and he’s blind as a bat. He’s also VERY healthy otherwise. When it’s time he will let me know. I wouldn’t cut a second of this special time short. It’s the most bittersweet precious time you can have. people and dogs don’t lose their usefulness due to old age or health problems. these 2 girls could have years left to give love and friendship. if I didn’t have 3 dogs and 3 cats, all considered hard case rescues I might add, I’d take these 2 girls in a second.

      • Wow, sounds more to me like something a Republican would say! You’re a real piece of something aren’t you?

      • Really where does Obama fit into any of this ridiculous thread?! I agree though that it’s outdated concept to put down dogs who can’t use rear legs. They look happy and animated, so get them dog carts and they can enjoy their retirement from breeding. I had a three legged dog who would have been put down at a shelter maybe 20 years ago. Times have changed, these girls are beautiful and look healthy. I see plenty of dogs with rear end carts enjoying their lives. Not humane to put the down unless they are dying, stupid comment, I’m sure you wouldn’t be saying this if you ended up in a wheel chair, imbecile.

        • ONE THOUSAND PERCENT, AGREE!!!!! So they are a little high maintenance, we kill them, Really? What planet do we live, people??????

      • Using a wheel chair is not an undignified life. I find your comment to be offensive. If these dogs can have a happy life while in a “wheel chair” then its all good. I do, however, agree that the former owner would benefit from having their a$$s kicked.

      • I did vote for Obama & I do use a wheel chair my daughter bought for me. Haven’t you read stories of dogs & cats enjoying life, love & happiness with their humans while “disabled” & using wheels to get around? None of my 5 dogs or 1 cat were just “killed” because they got old & unable to get around.

      • xyzc oh no! What is wrong with you? I have several friends who for varying reasons must use a wheelchair. Not all are elderly some have injuries and one was born with a disability. Am I to understand you feel they should all be lined up an euthanized? “Would u like to spend he rest of your life in wheelchair?” is an ignorant and ridiculously intolerant statement. I dare you to play basketball with my good friend’s husband. He’d clobber you.

      • Sorry, I , for one do NOT believe in playing G-d, or Euthanization. I do not believe it up to us to decide when it is time for an animal to be put down. IT IS TOTALLY up to them as it is with humans. We don’t put humans “down”. Nor should we decide to that with an animal. Let them go on their own terms, when they are ready. We need to ban it completely, treat them like people get treated.

      • Sorry not our decision to decide what is more “Humane”. People who have similar afflictions do not get “put down” cause we “think” it is more humane.

      • I mean Exactly….they need the doggie wheelchair especially since it has been observed that they still have a lot of life in them! They’re not in pain just need some assistance to live a full loving life.

  2. They look so happy,alert and in no pain. Just need water therapy or pool therapy. And a wheelchair. They are striving to live and wanting the proper help. Please do not put them down.

  3. As a guy who has spent 21 years of my 36 years in a wheelchair, I can can attest that you can live a very full n happy life on wheels, xyzc…. your comments show true ignorance about the subject. That being said, as long as the dogs are still not having issues w staying house trained and are pain-free, then there’s reason what so ever to put them down. Nothing is more heart-breaking than looking in the eyes of a dog being put down, knowing and seeing them trying to tell you their mind has so much yet to offer, even tho one part of their body is failing them… I did that w my GSD before a doggie wheelchair was an option. NEVER again. In fairness, there does come a point in time that decision will have to be made, but what harm is there in exhausting every option before the last resort.

    As for the previous owner, they should be beaten in a dark alley to within an inch of their life and then, as he did with the GSDs, dropped of at a clinic saying ‘he’s not in good shape.’ The more I see from ppl like xyzc and this dumbass owner, the more I love my dog!

    • Zach, I hear what you are saying. We had to do the same with our GSD. He was 14 and his back legs gave out. We didn’t have the doggie wheels option. Looking in to his eyes, we knew he didn’t want to leave and it has horrified us since. It took the doc two shots until he died. He stood straight up as if he wasn’t leaving without a fight. I hated that and it will live with us forever.

      Thanks for the memory. His name was King.

      • Zach and Terri: Your comments have made me so sad, brought back memories of my beloved pets. Within the past few years we had to have our beautiful, gentle white pit bull euthanized due to cancer. She was 13, we rescued her when she was 4 yrs old. She had three surgeries, and with the last one her sutures hadn’t healed, there was swelling and she couldn’t walk up a step any longer. My vet who is a very compassionate person suggested not to put her through that again. Then our cat Lucy, another rescue became ill, we carried her to her food bowl and into the litter box for about 4 months until she lost her appetite and the will to live. We still have Lucy’s daughter who is now 14, she is healthy but slowing down. It’s heartbreaking to lose a pet, but it would be worse to see them struggle and suffer

      • Terri,
        So sorry about King. I know the horror of the recent event regarding King, I just recently experienced the same awful horror. My Zaki was 16, had him since 8 weeks old. I wasn’t strong enough to stay with him at the vet’s when they gave him his shot. I regret that every second of every day, but I could not handle it. I know he was scared but I was just too devastated and I still am. I just couldn’t watch it. Moving forward, if and when I ever get another kitty, and I do mean IF, I will never Euthanize again. I will let them go on their terms, in their own homes, when they are ready. He is out of pain now, but I am not at peace with it. “Death ends a life, not a relationship”. He is always with me.

    • I am with you. I DO NOT believe in Euthanization. I was forced and pressured very recently by my husband and the vet to put my 16 year old “best furry friend forever” to rest. I did, under extreme pressure. I regret it every single day. I do not know what he would have wanted, and I will never know if I did the right thing! (now, I think not. His life, his choice, not mine!) This will always haunt me, Never again will I allow this pressure to make a life or death choice for my beloved pets.
      People who neglect or abuse animals should get jail-time, PERIOD!!!! Much stiffer penalties. They should NEVER be allowed to have the PRIVELEDGE to be a pet parent!!! This is one thing I AM sure of!!!!

  4. XYZC, many dogs do fine with a wheelchair and these dogs deserve a chance.

    And shut your blue collar trash pie hole, you a–hole, XYZC

  5. As a mother of a Black and Tan Shephard that had the same exact thing! My heart was ripped out from my chest when i learned all about this. My Kaylee was only 9 years old when this happened to her. She still had so much life and love in her. We (my family) just get by $ wise. So when this happened I thought oh my GOD how can we do anything for her??? Vet bills, wheel chair, anything?? She was my baby girl and I couldn’t help fix her. Well brought her to the vet-got x-rays, and was told it will just keep getting worst. But no pain as the nerves in the spine just slowly die. So couldn’t afford a wheel chair, called everywhere even if we can borrow one and to my surprise “NOPE” noone would do that. So my husband made one!! Well as big as she was and excited as she got(and scared) the wheel chair was not an option as she would try to run to fast or tip it and get stuck even when we would be right along side of her. Well to my selfishness we kept her as long as we can, as happy as we can. Carrying her around, all 115lbs. of her. Cleaning her constintly because in time they lose all bowel movement> But when you truely love your animal, your baby, you do that and I would do it all over again and again for any animal I can! So yes they deserve that wheel chair, that chance to move around again even if it was just for a day! Don’t judge me because i love my animals! Because they only are her for a little while to teach me!!!

  6. Took in a dog who couldn’t walk because of confinement and lack of exercise everyone thought I was crazy-he was about 5. Put him in a doggy life jacket and helped him into our half acre pond which has a constant stream running through it, comes from a mountain so extremely cold. He couldn’t sink and he paddled with his front paws the first couple days but in less than a week he was out of the jacket and swimming. Within a month he was moving at a good pace on land but really preferred the water. Turned out to be a good home dog for the next 10 years. He never was able to jump in a car or anything but did like fetch and walks on the property. Not a commitment I advise for everyone as the first month is extremely strenuous on the care giver both physically and mentally. Fyi, the dog came at about 65 lbs but ended at 90 lbs where his breed was supposed to be.


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