Paralyzed Dog Who Refused to Give Up Finally Has a Home

by Melanie

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4.12.15 - Willow's Adoption2


This comes from Speranza Animal Rescue:
Adoption Alert

Our gal Willow has found her forever home!! 

This gal has quite the story. She was found four years ago crawling out of a ditch by the staff at a shelter, her hind legs dragging behind her.  She was then set to be euthanized at a kill shelter… luckily we found out about her and we took her in. 

This sweet dog has no idea she is ‘different.’ When she runs and plays, her back legs don’t work like a normal dog’s – however I think this makes her extra special. It didn’t hold her back – she was always smiling and her tail constantly wagging.. 

It takes a special person to take on a dog like Willow – and her new mom – Caroline is that special person. 

Congrats sweetheart! You SO deserve this!!


4.12.15 - Willow's Adoption1


A fan of the group asked on their photo if Willow had any issues now, and Speranza replied:

“She has partial paralysis in her hind end. Her mom is going to try acupuncture and hydrotherapy with her. Willow seriously hit the jackpot!”

Adoptive mom Caroline responded to all of the well-wishers on the thread:

“Thanks to everyone for you congratulations. I am so happy and blessed to have Willow in my pack. She fits in perfectly with my pack. She loves her sofa and hanging out on the deck.”