Disabled Puppy Powered by Dogged Determination

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Nothing stops little Tess, a puppy born with a deformed front leg, from running like the wind! (Photo – AboutMyArea)

The United Kingdom is gearing up for the Paralympics, but little Tess isn’t waiting for them to start.  Born with a deformed front leg and missing a couple toes, Tess does everything her four-legged counterparts do at the Dogs Trust Leeds in West Yorkshire.

Amanda Sands, the manager at Dogs Trust Leeds, said, “Tess is a gorgeous puppy. It seems she is drawing inspiration from the amazing athletes that will be participating in the Paralympics this week as she has displayed dogged determination against the odds and such commitment to her running! She loves the outdoors and playing with the other dogs at the centre- especially when there are races involved. She is really good with people, friendly and intelligent and would make a wonderful addition to anyone’s home.”

Dogs Trust Leeds is the largest dog welfare charity in the United Kingdom. They care for over 16,000 dogs picked up as strays or abandoned each year. They have 18 rehoming centers across the UK and one in Dublin.

Dogs with disabilities are able to adapt amazingly well. They don’t stop to analyze what is wrong, especially those who are born with a deformity. Even dogs who have a leg amputated later in life are able to compensate for their disability with a spirit we can all draw inspiration from.