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Disabled Street Dog Rescued in Argentina

by Melanie

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6.27.14 - Disabled Street Dog Rescued in Argentina1

Laura Vera says:

Hi! I’d like you to know Lola. She was left by her owner at a State Animal Control Center in San Luis, Argentina, the 4th of January of this year. She was abandoned with two diapers, her dog wheel cart and her real name.

Someone asked for help on the internet so I brought her home. At the beginning I wanted to find a nice home for her, but time passed by and my husband and I adopted her!

6.27.14 - Disabled Street Dog Rescued in Argentina2

The 28th of February we started physiotherapy with people’s help. Many veterinarians have seen her, and with the improvements she’s made, some say she’ll walk again someday. The therapy is expensive, so through her fan page Lola, aprendiendo a caminar, and Lola’s Fundraiser CHIP IN, I’m looking for people who want and can collaborate with this cause!  Help will be appreciated!

6.27.14 - Disabled Street Dog Rescued in Argentina3

For anyone wanting to help her get physical therapy and a new wheelchair, please visit Lola’s Fundraiser page.

If you would like more information or updates, please check out Lola’s Facebook page.

6.27.14 - Disabled Street Dog Rescued in Argentina4