Hopeless Feral Dog Hoping for Happily Ever After

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6.27.14 - Wylie's Transformation1

Wylie Boy spent most of his life – five years – living on the streets.  The petrified dog was taken in by animal control and shuffled around before being given up on – he was heartworm positive and had no idea how to interact with people.  One man – John Miller – knew there was hope.  Wylie’s transformation is amazing, but now there is a legal battle to keep him from becoming part of a hoarder’s collection.

From The House of Zen Wellness Sanctuary & Rescue, a “free-roaming, no kill, wellness sanctuary and rescue” in northern Texas:

Wylie Boy, we believe, is an American Pit Bull Terrier dog that has lived on the streets of Wylie for most of his life. He was discovered during the winter of 2012, by the founder of the House of Zen Animal Wellness Sanctuary & Rescue. From that moment she (and 3 other ladies), kept him feed, created shelter (a make shift box at first, to a donated igloo doghouse; until that got stolen) and kept him from becoming truly feral.

6.27.14 - Wylie's Transformation2

On January 16, 2014 the city shelter trapped and caught Wylie Boy. He was kept in isolation for 2 weeks where he made no progress. Concerned for his safety after showing no signs of adoptability, the House of Zen hired (through donations) a rehabilitator. On January 28th, after assessing Wylie Boy, John [Miller] agreed to work with him. The city shelter agreed to keep him off the euthanasia list and allow John to come in 2x a day, which he began the next day.

On February 3rd, per John’s recommendation, Wylie Boy was taken to be vaccinated and neutered. After testing positive for heartworms, the city shelter decided to delay the vetting. This decision was made based on misleading information that a 501c3 rescue group was interested in taking Wylie Boy in and that they had “a $1,000 donation made for this animal’s care.”

On February 4th, with the blessing of the city shelter, John accompanied Wylie Boy (and 2 other puppies that were also pulled) to the 501c3 rescue. However, on his way there, it became clear that he was not helping transport Wylie Boy to a 501c3 rescue (which is REQUIRED by the city shelter for any rescues pulling animals). Instead, he was headed to a woman’s house who runs a non profit (non 501c3) rescue group.

6.27.14 - Wylie's Transformation3

While the puppies were left in her car, Wylie Boy and John were invited in to see her house. There, John saw over 30 dogs, some free roaming and jumping all over him, many others in crates. The guest bedroom had crates stacked upon crates creating a small walkway into the room. A pig was kept in a closet, too small for the pig to move around and a kitten was kept in a tub. John was unprepared for what he saw. The woman also indicated that she works 4 days a week, leaving the dogs in crates, with no socialization, for over 13 hours on those days.

John left her house with arrangements to continue to work with Wylie Boy. She agreed to let him come to her house when she wasn’t home, offering to get him a spare key, and on the days she worked, she would drop Wylie Boy off to him. As John left her house, he immediately contacted the city shelter and Chief of Police. It would be days before he heard back from them, and even more before they would go out and check her facility. By the time they went out, she had cleared her house.

In the meantime, Wylie Boy was taken to be vaccinated and neutered on February 5th and John was due to go see him on February 7th but received a text that the woman was changing her mind about him coming back to the house. She agreed to drop him off to him February 10th, which she did.

6.27.14 - Wylie's Transformation4

After finding out that the 501c3 organization that pulled Wylie Boy from the shelter was in fact a vet clinic, that state on their website that they are NOT a rescue and do NOT take in animals, and having seen the place where Wylie Boy was being kept, John upheld his obligation to Wylie Boy and refused to give him back.

It has been approximately 11 weeks since then. During this time, John continued to rehabilitate Wylie Boy, as well as get him on a slow kill protocol for heartworms. Wylie Boy is now a happy, more balanced dog that comes to John when called, plays with other dogs, greets strangers at the door and readily accepts affection.

During this time, John contacted authorities and animal advocate groups for help, to no avail. Several weeks ago, the woman who unethically obtained Wylie Boy, falsely charged him with theft. Just recently a warrant was issued for his arrest and John turned himself in to start the court process.

6.27.14 - Wylie's Transformation5

If Wylie Boy goes back to the woman that claims she wants the best for him, and is filing this theft charge, he will go back to living in a crate with little room to move about, 4 days a week, over 13 hours a day amongst other crated dogs. This is no life and will certainly set back the amazing progress he’s made.

Now John needs our help. In order to fight this, John has obtained a lawyer and needs to raise $1500 for his legal fees. The stakes are high, as Wylie Boy’s fate is in the hands of the justice system. Please share his story and help us save John. By saving John you will be saving Wylie Boy and will be giving Wylie Boy the life he so deserves, after having been through so much.

To donate to John and Wylie Boy, please click here.

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15 thoughts on “Hopeless Feral Dog Hoping for Happily Ever After”

  1. Wasn’t and isn’t truly feral. This article go directly against a cease & desist order that has been issued.

    • I greatly appreciate your support but please keep cursing aside and try to be happy about his rehabilitation. Thank you very much for your donation I cannot thank you enough! Whoever you are! Thank you -John

  2. Thank you so much for removing my previous comments therefore confirming that this is not an article about the truth of this situation but a well orchestrated fluff piece printed solely for the purpose of continuing the rumors and rederick. I will treat as I do any yellow journalism and place it on the floor right before I wipe my ass.

    • Confirming what about the article ?

      That the “lady” you are defending really does have charitable status at the time she took the dog to her “shelter” ?

      Did she or did she not lie about having her own 501c status ?

      Was she using a vets clinics 501c status to take in dogs ?

      Is she able to offer ALL the dogs the time they need EVERY DAY ?

      Does she lock them up for 12+ hrs a day when she goes off to work ?

      If she does, why do these few that are “supporting” her not offer their time during those hrs that the dogs are imprisoned ?

      You see, all I can see is you and a couple of others, spewing vitriol and spite at a man without offering any facts or any rebuttal to the comments and facts they state.

      To say a man is a thief when he has not been convicted (and probably won’t be), is liable, in a US court, I’d watch my mouth, if I was you.

      Unless you can offer facts, you are just noise in the background, useless and ignored.

      • Finally someone who gets it. Her supporters keep focusing on John keeping Wylie Boy for Wylie Boy’s wellbeing. But none of her followers address the fact that she misrepresented herself since she does not have a 501c3, they ignore the fact that she works a full time job that keeps her out of her home for over 13 hours a day while 30+ dogs live in crates. They never address the fact that she had a puppy die of parvo just a week before taking Wylie Boy, which she never disclosed to the shelter. And most of them have NEVER been to her house because she doesn’t let people come over…especially not unexpectedly.

        When they can justify that, then maybe there can be an honest and open discussion. But they aren’t interested in facts. They are interested in fueling hate and ugliness…none of which have anything to do with the wellbeing of Wylie Boy!

        • Wow. You are good at the rhetoric Lisa. Trust and believe that there are far more supporters of her than you realize. Just because we don’t blast idiotic opinions all over the internet doesn’t mean that you ppl are correct. We have info. I don’t have the time or the energy to even begin to list all the BS that has come from you and your cronies.

          • What did you do for Wylie Boy when he was living on the streets? Did you help look for a rescue to take him in? Help find or build him shelter? Help feed him? Help contribute to his food bills?

            What did you do for Wylie Boy when he was living in the shelter for 2 weeks? Did you help network him for a rescue? Help raise money to hire someone to rehabilitate him? Help by donating food, toys, beds or anything that might make him more at ease in the shelter? Did you volunteer at our shelter to help him and the other animals?

            Do you actually even CARE about Wylie Boy? How he’s doing? Or does it not matter to you?

            I could care less how many followers she has. I care about all the dogs forced to live in crates in her home. How many would that be now? Do you even know? You’re the only one spewing rhetoric.

    • Stephanie, no one has removed any of your comments. Comments that are strongly “disliked” by fans are automatically hidden by WordPress.

      • No, my original comment before this one was removed, I took a screen shot of it before it was removed, once again proving how one sided this is. Your article is a joke, as are you as any kind of real interested party in the truth.

  3. John is an amazing fella. Since we have met him, he has consistently shown his kindness and love of all dogs. His willingness to help in any way he is able. His hard work and dedication is inspirational. Wylie Boy’s face says it all. I encourage you to watch the videos on the page so that you too can see part of the transformation. We support you John, as well as Wylie Boy and the team working so hard to save him.

  4. John is an amazing person and loves Wylie. He has a true gift and has always had Wylie’s best interest at heart. He could have looked the other way and just ignored the conditions and left Wylie to fend for himself, but John is not like that. He could not have lived with that guilt and has several people that fully support his decision. I am proud of my donation and fully support him. Wylie is so happy and is being taken care of extremely well. He has so much love being shown to him and is a very lucky dog. Thanks for those who love Wylie and support him.

  5. It was my pleasure, John. My family knows how it feels to have hateful people slinging mud for no other reason than to serve their own interests, and I’m proud to help represent the honest, hard-working, truly good people in this world. Keep on fightin the good fight! =)

  6. Why all the “haters”? This dog obviously is being cared for, is in a safe environment and isn’t that what all animal lovers should care about. The bottom line is this dog is happy, safe and most of all loved which is all that matters. Pick your battles in life. There is so much out there that you can truly complain about other than this sweet dog. He is where he should be so stop the hate and trash talking. Put your energy in something that needs to be improved and that you can make a difference in.


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