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Distraught Owner Says Pitbull Euthanized ‘Without Due Process’


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Christos Papakostas said goodbye to his dog just before she was taken away to be euthanized. photo© CBC
A Canadian dog owner says his pet was unfairly sentenced to death in a clear-cut case of discrimination.

Christos Papakostas bid a painful farewell to his pitbull Wicca outside a Montreal courtroom on Monday. The dog was subsequently seized and taken away to be euthanized.

The city of Montreal said that Wicca bit a woman in June, and then nipped an ambulance technician who had been called to the scene to treat her. Attorney Elaine Rosenberg won a stay of execution for Wicca while trying to appeal her death sentence, and says there is no evidence of merit in the case.

“All I saw was a photo of the victim, the first victim, and yes, she had been scratched, but to say that she was bitten was a stretch,” said Rosenberg. “There was no written testimony from her surrounding any of the facts of the case.”

Papakostas said Wicca simply jumped on the two alleged victims because she was excited. “She got spooked. Yes. She bit? We don’t know. The lady never went to the hospital. She never got stitches. She only got Polysporin on her,” said Papakostas.

Rosenberg maintains that sentencing animals without evidence is a slippery slope that should frighten all dog owners. The city, on the other hand, said it was satisfied with the ruling.

A petition to save Wicca has been signed by thousands of concerned dog owners angered by the ruling, and according to a new update from the Save Wicca Facebook page, the animal shelter she was sent to is refusing to euthanize her. They say the Berger Blanc shelter claims that she’s a good dog and doesn’t deserve to be killed, so they will not carry out court orders to put her down.

UPDATE (7/26/12):   Ignoring thousands of requests to spare her life, the city of Montreal has killed Wicca. The following message was posted to the Save Wicca page tonight:

R.I.P. my little girl. Please forgive me, WE know it’s not your fault for getting scared. I want you to forgive me for this cruel way you had to leave me , I really thought we would grow old together. I tried the best I could to keep you happy and healthy i even got a king size just for you to have more room to sleep with me, it’s been very lonely without you here.

I’m gonna miss waking up at your bad smelling breath. You saved my life and I thank you for that, you ware the best friend i ever had, you always looked out for me, but now look out for me from up there, trust me it’s safer for you then this cruel would we live in.

BTW go find my grandfather and keep him some company i’m sure you’ll love him too just as much you loved all of US, we will miss having you licking our feet, faces, hands, I’ll miss cleaning up after you when you drink, poop, when you would go thru the garbage.

At least we had a good times together, it’s hard when I see your crate and your not on your pillow or next to me… I Promise you little girl I will never forget you I cant i’m here cause of you, every breath i take i think of you, you ware MY TRUE LOVE , i loved you more then anything.

I promise you we will change this stupid law that killed you. we’ll make it the WICCA/LENNOX LAW. (the 11th of july 2012 was the judgement for wicca and lennox’s death ) just cause of their breed.. WE WILL MISS YOU WICCA my little girl (skilitsa mou) :”(