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Dixon Gets Wheels and Begins Healing, One Step at a Time


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Dixon is getting help now that he is in the care of NYC shelter Animal Haven. The shelter says of him, “A few weeks ago, a woman who lost her job and home came to us for help. Her five year old Dachshund Dixon couldn’t walk and she didn’t have the money to help him. Having lost the use of his back legs from an injury that was never treated, Dixon was going to need a lot of attention and resources. Faced with this knowledge, Animal Haven still took him in. Without our help, we’ll never know what the woman would have been forced to do with him. We were Dixon’s only hope.”

After a few short weeks of therapy and the use of a wheeled cart, Dixon is on the road to recovery.

Note: The appeal at the end of the video of Animal Haven’s, not ours. Please don’t feel pressured to give, but please do enjoy seeing a little dog who is happy and on the mend.