Documentary “Glory Hounds” gives an up close look at Military Working Dog Teams

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Tonight, Thursday February 21st, Animal Planet will premiere a documentary that will honor the military working dogs by showing viewers an up close look at all the amazing work they do.

The documentary titled “Glory Hounds” follows several military working dogs and their handlers on the ground in Afghanistan. It took Animal Planet a year to get permission to film the two-hour special. Once permission was granted the camera teams had to undergo specialized training before they were able to spend six weeks in Afghanistan embedded with the troops.

Animal Planet closely documented the handlers and dogs while they put their lives on the line sniffing out insurgents and explosives. The film looks not only at the training and incredible skills of these military working dogs, but also the special bond that develops between the handlers and their canine partners. “You’re not supposed to fall in love with your dog,” said one of the handlers, “but you do.”

The documentary focuses on four dogs and their handlers working in the remote firebases in Helmand and Kandahar, the two deadliest Afghan provinces. Cpl. Drew Nyman and his dog Emily are one of the teams followed in the documentary. He explains how his bond with Emily is stronger than with any human marine. “I spent day in and day out with my dog,” Nyman said. “It was just her and I, really, so I guess it was more of an intimate bond because we saw each other at our weakest and highest moments.”

The documentary will air at 8 PM ET/PT on Animal Planet.

6 thoughts on “Documentary “Glory Hounds” gives an up close look at Military Working Dog Teams”

  1. I was so unbelievably moved by the documentary glory hounds. These men who give their lives for our country and the brave dogs that help make sure they get home safely – it brought tears to my eyes.k Being a dog lover who works in a shelter i was so happy to see the bond between the dogs and their handlers and even more thrilled to see that these amazing dogs were finally treated like the soldiers they are . Finally they are brought home and not left to die after they served and fought for all of us……as it should have been all along. A truely amazing show!

  2. I cannot remember EVER watching a military documentary that moved me so much emotionally. Being dog lovers we were tempted to stop watching but felt that we owed it to ALL who sacrificed for us so that we could sit at home safely with our dogs and watch such a program. Forget the Kleenex have paper towels at the ready. Awesome documentary, a must see.

  3. Does the documentary show any of the dogs being hurt or killed? I have it recorded, but am afraid to watch it!

  4. Great documentary. Would like to have a copy of quotes from the film, one of the best was like, “Having a relationship with a dog is not your whole life, it just makes life whole” Having a relationship like this is like having a Zen Master, they all do it differently, but teach the same thing. And we think we are the apex of evolution.

    • A well known quote to dog lovers – by Roger Caras

      “Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”
      ― Roger Caras


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