Tessa’s Rescue and Rehab – A Blind Dog Who Couldn’t Walk

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Annie Hart from Bill Foundation rescued Tessa on January 11, 2013. She didn’t know just how sick Tessa was, but she kept her promise and got Tessa the help she needed, while providing a loving foster home for her during her rehabilitation.

The Bill Foundation gives special thanks to everyone who believed in miracles and helped them to give Tessa a second chance at life.


Tessa, via the Bill Foundation at Facebook

11 thoughts on “Tessa’s Rescue and Rehab – A Blind Dog Who Couldn’t Walk”

  1. Thank you for rescuing her. You are wonderful people. Shame on the ones that dropped her off. I have a blind 18 year old Yorkie. We adore him.

  2. Yes, sometimes people can’t afford treatment for their pets, but you don’t put them out your car onto the street. You do your best to secure a place for them where they will have a chance to get medical treatment and get a loving home.

  3. Thank you for doing this, Tessa’s a real doll.
    I’m really curious, though, how you managed to
    deal with the hydrocephalus without a shunt being implanted.

    I have personal experience with it.

  4. God Bless the Bill Foundation and all those people who gave this wonderful dog a second chance; how many other dogs are euthanized who deserve a second chance and some love in their lives???


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