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Does One Leash Meet All Your Pet’s Walking Needs?

by Katherine

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Multi-Use Lavien Leash Takes Care of ALL Your Dog-Walking Leash Needs

As proud owners of our canine friends, we’ve all been there. When you are out and about with your dog(s), your leash needs are dictated by the situation your dog gets put in. Many times, even though you go out on a walk with a plan, the plan changes and the leash at hand might not be the best one you needed for the unexpected situation.

Lavien short leash
Lavien short leash

When my dog, Roger was a pup, I needed a P-Leash for training purposes. A standard leash worked great while we walked and trained near the house. Whenever we went into town I felt I needed to keep him closer and having a short leash would have come in handy. Twice a month I would walk my neighbor’s dog whenever she was out of town. It’s definitely twice the fun with Roger, but also twice the leash management walking two dogs at once. If I went on my morning jogs, I wanted to loop my dog’s leash around my waist and be hands-free, but with a standard leash this is hard to do. If I went out to get some coffee and wanted to secure Roger to the chair or table at the coffee shop, securing my dog to the chair or table using a regular leash was a bit challenging.

As you can see I’ve described five different situations where five different leashes are needed and having to buy five different leashes could get pricey. Fortunately, you don’t need to. Lavien’s 5-in-1 multi-function leash covers it ALL, and does it in comfort and style with high quality grain, handpicked leather.

What do you get with the 5-in-1 multi-function Lavien leash? You get a standard leash, a short leash, a double leash, a P-leash (training), and hands-free leash. Lavien also offers optional leather name stamping on the leash for your name or your dog’s name!

Lavien's double leash.
Lavien’s double leash.


Lavien is a startup founded by pet lovers, for pet lovers, and is dedicated to producing unique pet products with the highest quality. Although a new company, Lavien is also proud to support causes that help pets in need and has already donated thirty leather leashes to the local SFSPCA.
For a limited time, Lavien is offering this multi-function leash through a special kickstarter project with reduced pricing.

Learn more and get your leash today.