Does the Dog Die?

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Do you ever avoid watching a movie because you aren’t sure if the animal makes it? You’re not alone! Many people become so emotionally attached to the animals in films, their experience is completely ruined if one is injured or killed. So many people, in fact, that a website has been created to let you know if you need to grab a box of tissues before viewing or if you are safe to watch in the presence of others.

Strange, some can watch the most grisly depictions of human slayings possible, but will fast forward or shut the movie off if they think the cute, little puppy gets even a scratch.

The website greets: “Do you turn off Old Yeller before the end so you can pretend that he lived a long and happy life? Did a cute pet on a movie poster make you think it would be a fun comedy but it turned out to be a pet-with-a-terminal-illness tearjerker instead? Are you unable to enjoy the human body count in a horror movie because you’re wondering whether the dog’s going to kick the bucket? Have you ever Googled “Does the [dog/cat/horse/Klingon targ] die in [movie title]?”

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then welcome – is here for you! If you answered “no” to every question, then you might possibly be lost. Don’t worry – have some lolcats and everything will be fine.”

A quick scroll through the list of movie titles featuring animals will show you what you need to know without giving anything else away. You will read some spoilers if you click on the individual movie links. It is not a complete list of films, but they’re working on it.  This is their key for pet outcomes:


: No pets die.

Sad Dog Icon: A pet is injured or appears dead but ultimately lives.

Crying Dog Icon: A pet dies.






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  1. I don’t even watch Sarah McLauglin’s SPCA commercials because I just can’t handle the animals in them. They are all sooooo sad.

    • haha, Sarah McLachlan’s music has been ruined for me because of that! I wonder how many people would have otherwise donated if they didn’t make the absolutely saddest commercials ever? Everyone changes the channel as soon as they hear “In the arms, of an” – click.

  2. My husband and I always fast forward the part in “I Am Legend” where the Sam, the German Shepherd dies!

  3. THis is definitely for me!!!! I love scifi, horror and I have no problem with any kind of gore or violence even if children or infants are involved because, well, its fiction. But I think for me too many animals die or are abused in real life that I want my animal characters alive and well at the end of their stories. It spoils the show for me if they die.

    I was never much of a Stephen King fan but I positively hate him after Cujo. And IMO Old Yeller was one of the worst movies ever made!

  4. That would be a great site for me as my x always said I thought more about animals than humons it could be true cause they give you unconditional love I should not be on dog sites as some of the stories break my heart x

  5. I just discovered this website and am over the moon! it is an answer to a prayer! I can’t wait to tell all my friends!!!!!


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