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Dog Abandoned and Tied at Airport Gets Unexpected Rescue

by Katherine

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On July 10, 2014, a malnourished female dog was found tied outside the sixth level passenger drop off area at Denver International Airport (DIA). No one knows who left the pet there and no one came to claimed her, but the dog found a loving new owner that same night with United Airlines’ employee Mike Scott.

Photo Credit: Vera Anderson
Photo Credit: Vera Anderson


When the dog was found, it was wearing a collar but had no identification tags. DIA employees believe the pet was abandoned because it is unlikely the dog would have wandered off on her own to the high-trafficked drop-off area and somehow tie herself to a pole.

According to 9 News, the dog spent several hours under the care of different DIA employees. Air port security guard Chris Jeater fedher white rice from Panda express and grilled chicken breast from Burger King. Animal Control was called but if they had taken the dog, her fate would have been uncertain, and that is why Scott decided to take her home with him that night.

“I took the dog and took her to my vet,” said Scott. “I had a dog for 13 years and she just died of cancer in February.”

Thanks to this compassionate United Airlines employee, the abandoned airport dog now has a family of her own.