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Dog Abandoned due to Disability Gets Second Chance

by Fred

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11.24.15 - DaisyFEAT

At just two months of age, Daisy found herself abandoned on the streets of Los Angeles, California.  She was born with a deformity in her elbows, her right shoulder, and front hips, which made walking nearly impossible.

She was brought into a local shelter, and was facing euthanasia as most of the shelter staff had no confidence that she would ever get adopted.  That’s when A Home 4Ever Rescue caught wind of Daisy’s plight.

The rescue group not only managed to save Daisy’s life, but they also got her to a foster home.  She didn’t stay at the foster home very long.  She was eventually adopted out to a couple by the name of Sheena and Christian Maine.

Her new family got her a wheelchair to help her get around, which worked alright enough.  Then, they were contacted by an animal care center for some additional assistance.  They offered to fit Daisy with a set of prosthetic legs to improve her mobility, and make things like running around in the yard a breeze.

Daisy has been one truly lucky dog.  From the great people at the rescue group that helped save her life at the last minute, to the gift of improved mobility and comfort thanks to her new legs, Daisy seems just like any other dog out there.  She loves fetch, running around and is just a generally happy dog.