Dog Abandoned in Metal Cage Along Snowy Road in Upstate New York

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yorkieThe Putnam County SPCA is seeking information about the person or persons responsible for abandoning a dog in a metal crate on the side of a snowy road in upstate New York on Friday.

A driver spotted the abandoned Yorkshire terrier near the town of Kent, New York and contacted police. The dog had been left abandoned in the cold and snow with no protection and with no food or water. The dog was rescued and taken to the Putnam County SPCA where he is in good care.

He is around four to six years old, un-neutered and was abandoned near the intersection of White Pond Road and Farmers Mills Road. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Putnam SPCA at (845) 520-6915.

Many people have inquired about adopting the abandoned dog, but he will not be available for adoption while the Putnam SPCA continues their investigation.

5 thoughts on “Dog Abandoned in Metal Cage Along Snowy Road in Upstate New York”

  1. Why is it assumed the dog was abandoned? Perhaps he was stolen and dumped. Someone may be looking for him.

  2. I am sickened. These people should be shot, in jail, plus face the same exact cruelty. People are heartless and crazy. Stiffer penalties in the United States would greatly help our animals. When will somebody step up and do something…..

  3. Why hasn’t this person or people been caught yet? Someone has to know who did this. I’d like to leave them locked in a cage out in the cold. There is absolutely NO excuse for this behavior. I don’t care how rough things are. You can always advertise for free to give you dog away if you have to (but I would never do it, I’d rather starve than give up any of my babies). Whoever did this will get their just reward.


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