Dog Abandoned outside Vet Clinic is Saved

by Katherine

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On Sunday Feb 9, 2014, a 12-year-old Chow dog was abandoned outside Riverside Animal Hospital in Manhattan, New York. The pet was emaciated and appeared to suffer from multiple health issues. The dog could have easily been euthanized, but thanks to news coverage and the support of many people willing to adopt him, his life was saved.

Photo Credit: Riverside Veterinary Group/Riverside Animal Hospital
Photo Credit: Riverside Veterinary Group/Riverside Animal Hospital

No one knows who abandoned this gentle senior, but a man can be seen on security cameras dropping off the pet and making the sign of the cross before leaving the dog behind.

Riverside Animal Hospital veterinarians believe the man in the video did not know what else to do with the pet, and unfortunately the hospital did not have the right equipment or the funds to care for the ailing pet. Rescuers feared the senior dog would have to be euthanized.

“It was emaciated, it was very weak, dehydrated,” Veterinarian Georgia Weber told NBC New York. “All its fur was matted together. Three technicians spent four hours clipping it.”

Veterinarians turned to the public and with the help of local news programs, they asked animal lovers to help cover the Chow’s medical costs. Luckily, animal lovers came through and three days later, rescuers raised more than enough funds to care for the dog.

According to the clinic, their phones have been ringing constantly and people are not only willing to donate money but they also want to offer the Chow a forever home.

Riverside Animal Hospital is currently trying name the senior dog. If you would like to nominate a name, please visit their Facebook page and help them name the elder dog.

Like their Facebook page and follow this tale until there is a happily ever after for the senior Chow.