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Dog Owner Saves Own Dog from Coyote Attack

by Katherine

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Animal lovers are willing to do anything to keep their pets safe, but are you willing to wrestle a coyote if your dog’s life depended on it? For Bob, a suburban Chicago man, defending his dog against a coyote was just something natural he had to do.

The Chicago man opened his garage and was getting ready to take his garbage out when he heard wild, growling sounds. He turned around and realized Bailey, his 8-year-old Wheaten Terrier was outside and soon would face a coyote.

“I hear this fearsome roaring going on and there was Bailey standing toe to toe with this coyote,” Bob told NBC Chicago.

Bob and Bailey. Photo Credit: NBC Chicago
Bob and Bailey. Photo Credit: NBC Chicago


There was a scuffle but instinctively, Bob went over to the coyote to defend his pet.

The man kicked and nudge the wild animal away, but the domesticate canine kept instigating the coyote.

In a panic, thinking his dog could end up dead, Bob approached the coyote, grabbed it by its scruff and lower back, and swung the animal 15 feet away into a snow bank.

Before the coyote and the dog had time to start a second round, Bob made loud noises and scared the wild animal into the wilderness. He then grabbed Bailey and both entered their home.

The canine suffered two small bites, but because he is up to date on his rabies shots, veterinarians expect him to be just fine.

Since then, Bob is a lot more careful when going outside and allowing Bailey to be off leash around the property.