Dog Abuse Caught on Camera: Perpetrator “Had a Bad Day”

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Manchester, U.K.–Tunisian Mohammed Abou-Sabaa, 21, admitted to a brutal attack on five month old yellow labrador Poppy because he was “having a bad day”, according to court testimony. He landed more than 20 blows on the dog before kicking Poppy down a flight of stairs outside his flat. CCTV cameras also filmed him standing with his full weight on her neck.

Magistrates were visibly shocked after watching a six-minute video of the attack yesterday, yet decided against sending Abou-Sabaa to prison. He plead guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to an animal. Abou-Sabaa was given a six-week sentence (suspended for two years), ordered to do 250 hours community service, and banned from owning an animal for four years.

Poppy has been nursed back to health and the RSPCA hopes to find her a new home in time for Christmas.

*Warning: this is graphic, and viewing is not recommended if you are easily upset.

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32 thoughts on “Dog Abuse Caught on Camera: Perpetrator “Had a Bad Day””

  1. Just knew we shouldn’t have watched this so early in the day – just absolutely horrific.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. i dont want to watch it. just from the description in the article alone already imprinted bad images in my mind. i hope poppy recovers fast from her injuries and be transferred to a wonderful home and the abusive owner gets punished for what he did. and hopefully learns his lesson. but what he got for his sentence is not punishment enough. im horrified to learn these things happen just proving the point that us humans are wilder than animals considering we are the superior species.

  3. Ok, I am taking everyones advice and have chosen not to view the video. The picture in my own mind of what I think the video shows is bad enough. We have a new member to our family and she is 4 months old. So, when I look at her and picture the above treatment on a puppy just about the size and age of mine, I am deeply saddened at the thought of such a horrible act! Once again I am completely speechless at the depravity of some people and the inexcusable act against a defenseless animal. Really? Having a bad day? Does he really think that makes it ok? What kind of nut case do we have here? He should never be allowed to own another dog!

  4. omg that poor furbaby i think that guy should let us all beat the crap out of him and he should rot in jail… i hope this baby finds a new hope where she will be spoiled like a beauitful doogy she is

  5. I can’t believe people these days.
    WHY do they have to hurt the innocent?????
    I shouldn’t of watched this – I am crying my eyes out for that poor puppy.

  6. I see now why he was given such a ridiculous sentence. He is the son of a diplomat. He was mad because he did not get a job he applied for. So six weeks and 250 hours of unpaid work. Oh yes, and his father scolded him. Sadly, he may just do this or something like it again.


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