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Dog almost dies from dog shampoo


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Laura Hughes noticed that her 3-year-old Pomeranian Ginger had developed a rash on her abdomen that seemed to be causing pain. “I noticed her abdomen was very red. You couldn’t touch her. It seemed like it would hurt her skin to even contact,” said Hughes. Ginger turned out to be life-threatening ill and the cause for her illness was an allergic reaction to the dog shampoo used by the dog groomer.

When Hughes first took Ginger to the vet he prescribed medication to treat the rash, but Ginger didn’t get better with the medication, she continued to detiorate. Hughes took Ginger to Dr. Fondacaro and he did not have good news for Hughes. “Her x-rays show edema everywhere. She had so much blood in her lungs,” said Hughes. Dr. Fondacaro wasn’t sure if Ginger would make it, “it definitely could have been fatal.” Ginger did pull through luckily and made a full recovery.

The cause of Ginger’s nearly fatal allergic reaction is D-Limonene, a botanical oil extract taken from citrus fruits. It is found in many shampoos. This extract can cause severe allergic reactions, like Ginger’s, in dogs and cats. Dr. Fondacaro recommends testing a patch of skin on your dog before using any product that might contain D-Limonene.