Dog Almost Surrendered for Being Too Big Saves Family from Certain Death in a Fire

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Nola and Richard Davis brought Patches home on a whim.  Not the best way to bring a dog into your home, and a decision that should come with a lot of thought up front, but it is what it is, and Patches became part of the family, but there was one issue.  Patches got BIG.

According to the Davis’ Patches was getting really big, and the home they lived in was not at all suited to a very large dog.  At first, they were elated to have a family dog, but now Patches was too much for them.  They called a family meeting, and told everyone that Patches had to go.

8.17.16 - Patches the Hero Dog2


Nola and Richard’s son Andrew was having none of this.  He was NOT going to let someone take his best friend away.  Not while he was around to do something about it.  After “discussing” the situation with them, his parents finally relented a bit, and it was decided that they would stick it out for a little while longer.  For the time being, Patches would stay.

Later that evening, Nola decided to have a bath.  While relaxing in the tub, things got a little bit strange.  Patches literally charged into the bathroom, scaring the crap out of Nola.  What makes this strange, is the fact that Patches HATES the bathroom.  He’s so afraid of baths, he’ll go out of his way ensure that the distance between him and the tub are always at a maximum.

8.17.16 - Patches the Hero Dog3

He charged in, and grabbed Nola’s wrist with his mouth.  Not really in a biting way, but to grab and pull her out of the tub.  What on Earth could be going on that this dog is forgetting one of his biggest fears in life, just to get her attention?  Well, when Nola opened the hallway door and saw the house engulfed in flames, she got her answer.

Patches guided Nola out of the flaming maze that the house was quickly becoming.  Patches led her outside where the rest of her family was waiting for her, safe and sound.  Nola tried once to go back into the house, but Patches blocked her way.  And it was a good thing too, because the fire hit a natural gas line, causing the home to blow up!

Patches was a hero not once, but twice that day.  Needless to say, Patches still holds a place of honor in the Davis family to this day.

8.17.16 - Patches the Hero Dog4