Dog barely makes it out of burning home and is now fighting for her life

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Peanut was enjoying a sunny day on her front porch when her house went up in flames. She was on a leash and couldn’t escape the fire until finally something fell on the leash causing it to burn. Peanut made it out of the fire alive, but has suffered severe burns over half her body and is fighting for her life.

Marye Blank had gone to vote on Tuesday and while in the voting booth she received a phone call that her house was on fire. Her ten-year-old dog Peanut was tied out on the porch when the house began to burn. Peanut was unable to escape initially because of her leash. “A witness said that he saw her and couldn’t get to her because the flames were so high,” Blank said. “She was on the porch literally barking from the heat of the fire.”

Luckily Mary had for some reason decided to put Peanut on a cloth leash that day instead of one of her usual chain leashes. Something fell on the cloth leash allowing it to burn and setting Peanut free. Peanut ran from the fire and was found a few hours later.  “At first we thought Peanut only had some burns on her side,” Blank said. “When we got her to the vet they shaved her hair and she had second and third degree burns over half of her body.”

Peanut was taken to White Oak Animal hospital initially but now has been transferred to LSU veterinary School because she has gone into renal failure and will need dialysis. Peanut’s situation is still very critical and support has already been flooding in for her and the Blanks after Yelp! Baton Rouge posted about her on their Facebook page. Blank is very grateful for all the support that has been coming in for Peanut, “Thank you to every body.” If you would like to help Peanut you can contact the LSU Vet School at (225) 578-9600.

5 thoughts on “Dog barely makes it out of burning home and is now fighting for her life”

  1. Poor dog I hope he can recover soon…..I don’t understand why people keep your dog in aleash ..If you you go for a walk it’s ok.. but if your dog is well train you don’t need to keep your dog tied up in home..

    • Owners who leave their dogs to wander loose outside are a HUGE nuisance to more responsible dog owners. My one of my dogs has been attacked twice by “well-trained dogs” you speak of. Most cities have leash laws for that very reason.

      If a dog is by themselves, they should be inside, in a fenced in yard, or on a leash.

      I keep my dogs indoors all day while at work, so do a lot of people. They would die if my apartment caught fire (*knock on wood*). As much as she suffered, at least Peanut was outside and tied up with a cloth leash and got free. Unless Mary started the fire through carelessness, she did nothing wrong.

    • 1) The dog wasn’t inside, he was outside

      2) Sounds like she wanted to have the dog enjoy some sunshine without worrying about his safety

      3) I crate my dogs when I leave typically. It’s as much for their safety as it is for my convenience. The fear is, though, that if my house were to ignite, there would be no way for my pets to get out. Even if they were loose inside, they probably wouldn’t be able to get out. I’d say that at least she had the forethought of putting him outside, or the dog might not even be here now.


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