Dog Befriends Timid Boy with Down Syndrome

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12.12.13 - Dog Befriends Down Syndrome Boy1

Because of the patience and tenderness of an Argentinian dog named Himalaya, a shy little boy with Down Syndrome learned to appreciate physical contact, which he usually avoids.

Three-year-old Hernán usually shied away from people touching him, a result of his having Down Syndrome, said his mother Ana. But she caught a surprising, lovely interaction between her son and her brother’s dog Himalaya, a golden Lab. She knows this dog well, and knows that her son is safe with her – she doesn’t mind being tugged a little.

12.12.13 - Dog Befriends Down Syndrome Boy2

Himalaya displays a supreme amount of delicateness and patience, characteristic of her breed. Despite Hernán’s reluctance to have her near, she is persistent in her effort to make a connection with the boy.

Watch the video to see what happens – Himalaya even (kind of) gets a hug!



This video was taken in May of 2012, and Hernán is nearly five now.

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  1. What a great baby-sitter! I had a German Shepard/wolf mix that was also very intuitive about how to conduct herself with different age or size person. The first time I saw it was when a neighbor’s toddler wandered into my yard. My dog stood perfectly still and allowed the little boy to do whatever he wanted — stuck his fingers up her nose, pulled her ears and tail, etc. I started taking her to work with me, due to long hours away from home. She loved the attention from little kids, but also was prone to stealing whatever they might hold out to show her. The only time a kid cried was when she had taken a sucker or ice cream cone the kid held out to show her. She thought it was a gift. She was happy to oblige anyone who needed a hug. With older kids, she would do more play and jumping around. In the 13 years I had her, I never heard her growl or show her teeth. She also loved cats and would put up with all their antics. If only more people had such amiable attitudes.

  2. Dogs are the most giving, loving, loyal beings on this Earth. If people were more honest & truly loving like dogs are, what a wonderfully different world this would be.

  3. It looks like that boy doesn’t want the dog near him or touching him. I saw no ‘kinda’ hug. The boys only response was to flee and create distance. I praise the dog, she was great even when the boy pulled her fur, lips, and nose. But there was nothing spectacular about the childs action. The video does not coincide with the article.

  4. Well maybe your right and the boy doesn’t want the dog touching him but only almost as much as he does want him touching him. Can’t you see the little boys internal struggle? He both hates and loves the attention. The insightful dog of course sees all of this clearly. If you watch you can see that when the boy starts to go away inside himself, his eyes look up and he is clearly leaving the present situation, the dog notices this and gently try’s to bring him back. This is a beautiful story and this gorgeous lab a true therapy dog.

  5. I was thinking the same thing as I watched it. I love how patient she was, but just wanted the boy to give her a little pat or something.

  6. Anne, you are wrong and seeing something that isn’t there. There was no internal struggle being shown outwardly. And how can you “see it in the boys eyes” when this entire video is mostly side profile of the child. The dog was trying, the boy was unresponsive to the dog other than move farther away. The boy also deliberately pulled and was rough with the dog..there were no ‘kinda hugs’ and boy did not/was not trying to pull itself up using the dog.


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