Dog Runs to Find Help for Fallen Elderly Owner

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Jefferson Fox was driving along Jackson Boulevard in Jackson, Missouri when he spotted a dog and pulled over to help. Fox soon realized though that the dog wasn’t the one needing help as the dog led Fox back home where the dog’s elderly owner had fallen in her garage.

When Fox saw Cici, a black and white border collie, running along the side of the highway at a busy intersection he immediately stopped to help.

“I thought he was going to get hit, so I turned in at Shawnee and parked my car, ran down this embankment and found the dog at the next couple of houses,” said Fox.

Cici had a red leash attached to him and Fox tried to catch the wandering dog, but Cici wouldn’t let Fox catch him. Luckily Fox followed Cici all the way back to the dog’s house.

“When the dog turned the corner and went in the garage and I followed it in, there was another dog on the same red leash, and it was curled up next to the elderly woman on the floor,” said Fox.

The woman, who is in her 70s, had fallen in the garage around 5:30 in the morning. By the time Fox followed Cici to her house it was four hours later. The woman was cold, shaking and bleeding from her chin and knees.

Fox called for help and the woman was rushed to the hospital. Both dogs are staying with a neighbor while the woman recovers in the hospital.

1 thought on “Dog Runs to Find Help for Fallen Elderly Owner”

  1. Glad this man had sense enough to read the dog- when my standard poodle ran for help she got hot and was hassling so since she was (with whiskers) foamey around the mouth even though she was friendly the local police shot and killed her just because she was laying under a mans car port trying to get some rest to go on in her search-no one was threatened or injured by her she just sat there a minute and when she saw a human she went to them for help and this is what she got no leash law here at that time and she had on a collar with rabies vaccination and ID tags and city license-no one bothered to look-their excuse was they thought she had rabies. Yeah, sure if they are that dumb they don’t need to be running around with guns.


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