Dog Bites Off Frostbitten Foot

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Authorities are asking the public to please bring pets inside. If you see a stray animal exposed to the cold temperatures, please call for help.

In Alabama, a dog named Cinnamon, desperately chewed off her own foot after the dog’s leg suffered from frostbite.



During last week’s cold temperatures, a concerned neighbor called Montgomery Humane Society to report a dog that had been left outside and looked injured.

When animal cruelty investigator, Robert Bryant, arrived at the location, he discovered a Chow dog in need of immediate medical assistance. The pet had chewed off its own foot in an effort to relieve itself from the pain the dead extremely must have caused it.

“Do whatever it takes to get them out of the cold because they’re just not going to make it out there when it gets cold,” Bryant told WSAF.

The investigator took Cinnamon to veterinarians and they concluded the leg had to be amputated because the injuries were too extensive.

Lucky for the dog, the loss of her extremity is not hindering her in any way. The canine is able to walk very well on her three legs and is recovering from the surgery.

So far the dog’s owners have not been charged with animal cruelty or neglect, but we hope this changes soon.


5 thoughts on “Dog Bites Off Frostbitten Foot”

  1. These people should be charged with endangering the welfare of an animal! I can only hope that at the very least Cinnamon will not be returned to his owners who have caused him such horrible pain and suffering! I’m sure Cinnamon will be able to find a new home with loving and care people in no time!

  2. Why do you want the owners name and address? So you can harass them? If it was any of your business you would already know.

    • Hey idiot who wanted to know if the other poster who wanted the name and address made public so they could harass them. First of all , if they get harassed for what they did to that poor dog then the sickos deserve it. But most of all their names should be made public so other people living nearby can keep close watch on their own pets. Anyone that demented might harm someone else’s pet especially if they no longer have their own animal to abuse anymore. Or are you one of those who also don’t think pedophiles names should be made public either. The only person who thinks that pedophiles or animal abusers names should be kept private are…pedophiles and animal abusers! So which one are you?

      • Good Comment.. The names and addresses of people who abuse animals should be widely publicized. I am from the US and we have the same sort of cruel monsters here. Also, it has been shown that people who abuse animals are likely to abuse children. Perhaps a website could be set up with the title of “Animal Abusers” and kept up to date with the names and addresses of abusers.


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