Dog Breaks into Prison and Gets Rescued

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Trullo enjoying life outside of jail. Photo Credit: El Refugio
Trullo enjoying life outside of jail. Photo Credit: El Refugio

A homeless dog voluntarily “turned” himself in when he sought refuge inside Madrid’s Estremera prison, but luckily for him, there were no charges against him and his voluntary imprisonment secured him a place with El Refugio, a local animal rescue group.

According to ABC España, the dog, named Trullo, sneaked inside the prison unnoticed, and it wasn’t until he reached one of the main yards that a guard noticed the unlikely prisoner.

Instead of using force and simply kicking out the dog, the guard and animal lover fed the canine until he earned his trust. The watchman then contacted the animal rescue group to pick up the pet and offer him a life outside of jail.

El Refugio gladly rescued Trullo and he is now jail free and looking for a forever home.


2 thoughts on “Dog Breaks into Prison and Gets Rescued”

  1. Trullo looks like a Galgo (Spanish Greyhound). When hunting season ends on January 31, thousands of these dog are disposed of by the hunter/owner. It is tradition to hang them in the woods, or poison or otherwise abuse them. The government won’t interfere with tradition. The “lucky” ones are just abandoned and in some cases find their way to one of the rescues that care for them and find them forever homes like El Refugio or ScoobyMedina or one of the others. The rest die of starvation or are hit by a car or just disappear. In Spain, these dogs are just garbage. We have adopted one of these wonderful dogs to Canada. Trullo is definitely a lucky one, tight collar or not.

  2. PJ, thanks for the information…its sounds totally disgusting and inhumane. The ridiculous government sounds disgraceful who cares if this is tradition its horrible. Sound like they need to get out of the dark ages and stop this inhumane act of murdering these beautiful dogs.


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