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Dog Brings Home Human Remains, Sparks Search

by Fred

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Has your dog every brought you a “present?”  Something he or she may have found in the yard or while out on an adventure?  Well, a woman from New Mexico recently had her dog bring her what she thought was a piece of human remains!  She has since called the police, starting a search for whom that body part belongs to.

The person found the human remains their dog brought them at about 11:30am on Thursday.  She only needed to see it once to know what she was looking at, and naturally called the police.  Now, they are combing Moriarty, New Mexico, looking for answers, or any clues that will lead to them.

“We’re looking for any other remains or disturbed earth, anything suspicious.  Obviously this is in an area that’s very isolated,” said Torrance County Sheriff Heath White.

The search was called off in the late afternoon, having found nothing after a very thorough search.  The body part in question was taken to the medical examiner’s office, where the remains will be tested first, to ensure that they actually belong to a human being.  If it turns out that it is of human origin, a much larger search will be conducted.  As of the writing of this article, no information has been further released.

The locals are actually saying that it wouldn’t really be all that surprising that human remains could be found in the area.  Many have hinted at the area being a good place to dump a body.

“If you want somebody to be, just dump them out here, and a lot of times, I guess, the vultures would get it before anybody else would,” said local resident, Alan Carlson.

The homeowner didn’t want to be shown on camera, however, according to reports from the sheriff’s office, the person says that the dog brings all sorts of things home if and when the dog wanders off.