Dog Buried Alive Found Wandering Three Days Later

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In a strange, sad case with an an amazing twist, an Ohio County Deputy has been terminated following an investigation of his actions in regard to the disposal of a dog believed dead after having been struck by a car. Kentucky State transportation workers called in a report of a dog hit by a car on US 62 near Beaver Dam, Kentucky. Taylor responded to the scene and after examining the dog, he said he believed it stood no chance of survival and tried to put it out if its misery with an unspecified garden tool.

Highway maintenance workers thought the dog was dead, so they buried it in a makeshift grave on the side of the road.

Three days later, the dog was found wandering along the side of the highway…

Taylor has expressed regret over his actions, and Sheriff David Thompson said Taylor had the best of intentions despite his violation of departmental policy. Nicknamed Chance, the dog is currently in the care of the Rough River Veterinary Clinic. We spoke with them this morning, and while pictures will not be available until tomorrow, they say that Chance is expected to make a full recovery.

31 thoughts on “Dog Buried Alive Found Wandering Three Days Later”

  1. I will be looking forward to more information on this dog and would like to try and help to re-home him/her. Keep us posted!

  2. It amazes me. Who was Taylor to decide the dog didn’t deserve a chance? He’s not a vet. The dog should have been taken in to be looked at. The dog incurred additional injuries I’m sure being hit with a garden tool. Plus, the dog suffered for several days. Unbelievable.

  3. Thank goodness the poor dog survived all this. Ksrake is correct. The dog should have been taken to the vet for examination. Taylor is not the one to decide if the dog should live or die. I hope and pray someone will give Chance a good and loving home. I wish I could but I have several animals already. Please keep us updated on sweet Chance!

  4. You have got to be kidding me!! This poor creature gets hit by a car, suffered further injury by force and then was buried alive. I have to see this amazing dog!!!


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