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Dog Catches Marriage Proposal for her Human

by Fred

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With all of the digital camcorders and cameras around, not to mention all of the smart phones with camera capabilities, more and more people are snapping pictures and recording moments to share with friends and family.  Just take a look at Facebook and YouTube, and it’s plain to see.  Well, using a mini-camera and a specially made harness, this man simply had his dog do the filming.

When Kurt Gies proposed to his girlfriend Amanda Wiseman on a beach earlier this month, he used a GoPro camera and their “fetch” harness.  This allows one to mount the action cam to your dog, to give you a real life look at a dog’s eye view.

Roo was just fantastic with the camera, catching a moment in time for her human as no other could.  No oddball vertical video shots, and almost no camera shake at all.  Who knew a dog could make an amazing videographer?  Apparently, Kurt did!

Oh, and if you were wondering, she said yes!  Congratulations you two.  May you have many happy and healthy days together!

4.21.15 - dog propose