Rescue Dog Bonnie Refuses to Eat Alone

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Bonnie is a rescue dog with a bit of an odd, but unbelievably sweet habit.  Apparently the poor dog is so afraid of being abandoned again, that she refuses to eat alone.  In the video you can see how she picks up and moves her food bowl next to her brother, Clyde.  This way, no one has to eat alone!

Bonnie was rescued from Puerto Rico.  The island is teeming with abandoned and stray street dogs.  Lucky for Bonnie, she doesn’t have to worry about that rough and tumble lifestyle anymore.

So, what does her brother Clyde think of all of this?  Well, he doesn’t seem to be bothered by his new sister.  In fact, he just keeps right on eating, as if nothing is different.

4.21.15 - bonnie