4 thoughts on “Dog Chases Laser Up and Down Stairs”

  1. My Doggie best mate, is too intelligent to fall for this trick, he is a right little thinker, and worked out that the light came from my hand !

    Plus, is this a miniature shnauser (sp?) ?

    I think it is ugly and very cruel to have had the dogs ears cropped off and tail docked off, just for some style, or kennel club mandated pedigree standard rule bullshit !

    Mutilating your dog is just ugly and cruel.

  2. This is not a good idea at all. My adopted dog had lasers to play with too and now she is obsessed with anything that shines ie reflections frm windows, keys and even mobile phone screen glaring from the sun. Not a very easy thing to get fixed. It may seem funny or cute now but it is bad in the long run. Stop being lazy and either take the dog out to play or get him/her on a treadmill to run out the energy when its cold outside or when you are lazy.


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