Firefighters use new oxygen mask to save dog

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Cola is alive and safe thanks to the work of Lima, Ohio firefighters and a newly donated dog oxygen mask. When Cola was brought out of the fire she looked lifeless, but after firefighters spent five minutes trying to revive the dog with the new oxygen mask she was breathing once again.

On Thursday morning firefighters with the Lima Fire Department responded to a two-story brick house that was engulfed in flames. The fire had started in the kitchen on the stove and quickly spread to the entire house. Firefighters braved the burning home to rescue Cola, a Labrador retriever. They found her in the basement and when they came out with her she was limp, unresponsive and covered in ash.

Cola’s owner Linda Bailey was inconsolable at the sight of her lifeless dog. Firefighters didn’t give up on Cola though. They used an oxygen mask made especially for dogs that had just been donated to them last week. After about five minutes Cola was breathing again.

“I’m so happy,” said Bailey. The house was a total loss. “It’s such a confusing day for me. Because while I just lost my house, everything that I own, I still have my dog and my kids, and we’re lucky to be alive.”

10 thoughts on “Firefighters use new oxygen mask to save dog”

  1. I guess the house is a total loss, but if Cola had dies it truly would have been a complete and total loss. Thank you to the brave firefighters who rescued Cola and gave her the lifesaving oxygen she needed and thanks to whoever donated the special oxygen mask for dogs. God Bless you!

  2. The owner was inconsolabe, yet left the dog in a burning house. Hopefully the dog gets a new owner who cares.

    • Pedro, you don’t know the circumstances this woman faced at the time. Perhaps she tried to find Cola inside the blazing house but couldn’t. You may recall the dog was found down in basement by the firemen. They have the special gear that allows them to search areas that civilians can’t reach. Just as most posters have empathy and sensitivity that allows us to reach out to Linda Bailey and Cola in their difficult times whereas you only seek to find fault.

  3. Pedro is a little hard on the mother. Obviously never been in a house fire. If she risked her life to try to get the dog out since Cola was hiding in the basement and she didn’t find him and didn’t make it than her children would have been motherless

  4. Also, Pedro, maybe she spent what precious time she had getting her kids out. Doesn’t say how old they are. Maybe she couldn’t find her. An individual doesn’t have the gear a firefighter has.

  5. we all need to thank the firefighter who save the dog as well as the people who donated the mask. it real does take a skill to risk there life to save another life(including dogs,and cats). life is so valued even for the one who can’t help them self . my hat is off for those firefighters and keep up the great work you do.


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