Dog Compassionately Buries Puppy

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While there are many qualities that humans and animals share, it is only recently that we have seen how similarly we all treat death.  We have seen animals howl or stand guard over their deceased mates and offspring, but rarely have we seen something of this nature:  a dog in Iraq tenderly burying a dead puppy.  It is unknown whether the puppy belonged to the dog, or if it just came across it in passing, but what is known is certain:  humans are not alone in our impulse to bury the dead.





6.26.13 - Dog Buries Puppy


79 thoughts on “Dog Compassionately Buries Puppy”

  1. is pic.?Its heart breaking .People don’t want to see pic.of their dead kid on FB or on T.V. so why show a puppy being burried.It doesn’t help you or me,its just disturbing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Why is someone taking a video of a dead puppy?! Have they, as humans, no compassion to remove and bury the puppy themselves instead of leaving it out in the open and taking a video?! Sweet, compassionate actions on the part of the dog, but whoever shot this video makes me further lose my faith in humanity!

  3. Im not going to be too hard on the person taking the video. I think they saw something very moving and unusual and rather than disturb the dog they chose to capture it for all of us to see.

    I really wish we knew more about the circumstances – if it was the mother dog, if the dog left and then returned to the “grave” At the very least it shows us that most people who dismiss our canine friends as “just a dog,” have absolutely no idea how truly complex and amazing they are.

    Fly free at the Bridge dear puppy!

  4. Compassionate video….then the human throws a beer bottle next to the puppies grave…..guess which is the more compassionate species

  5. the guy throwing a bottle s throwing it into a midden pile. the puppy’s body was in a small trash dump.

    dogs have been seen burying their dead, as have many species. it reduces the risk of contagion. sweet conscientious dog found a puppy and buried it to prevent disease from spreading.


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