First Dog Friendly Coffee Shop & Pet Bakery in Greece

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130625-greece-pet-shopSerafina Avramidou has a dream to become the very first owner of Greece’s first ever dog friendly coffee shop. She plans on naming it Doggylicious! but before her dream comes true she needs the help of the community.

Avramidou has worked as a marketing professional for many years but has always felt she could do other fulfilling things with her life. With the help of her therapy dog Claire, they both volunteer for SAPTHellas, an organization that teaches children about the correct behavior towards dogs (stray or owned) and informs them of the crucial problem Greece has with stray dogs. SAPTHellas also offers community welfare services to people with disabilities.

Avramidou has started a campaign to raise funds for the coffee shop. Her plan is to create an environment where dogs will be welcomed at all times and where animal lovers can meet to exchange ideas and gain knowledge from resources (books, magazines, etc) Avramidou will make available to her customers.

Doggylicious! will host monthly events with veterinarians, dog trainers and dog professionals to educate the public on various pet related subjects. Avramidou plans to welcome local rescue groups at the shop and allow them to use the space to inform local residents about the work these organizations do. Adoption fairs will also be hosted at the coffee shop helping rescued animals find their forever homes.

Learn more about Avramidou and her dog friendly shop.


5 thoughts on “First Dog Friendly Coffee Shop & Pet Bakery in Greece”

  1. I personally think this is an amazing idea! I lived in Greece (on the mainland) for two years and witnessed more animal cruelty than I care to remember. In my experience, dogs were rarely treated as pets or family members. I have seen puppies and full grown dogs thrown from car windows on the side of the road and left to die. It broke my heart! I wish this woman all the luck in the world! This could be the way to change their thinking!

  2. already is one being going years jens coffee shop sidaari corfu helps local and holiday makers with info about pets and helps rehome pets to uk and Germany and funds spaying and neutering of strays

  3. Animal cruelty is a serious problem in Greece, mainly because of the lack of proper education. People grow up believing that animals are their property and can be mistreated, abused, left to starve or killed without any consequences. I think it is a great effort and if a Doggylicious opens in Thessaloniki, I’ll be sure to visit it!

  4. Wonderful idea from a young dog-loving girl; I understand we all need to support her in her funds raising campaign.


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