Dog Crosses State Lines and Gets Reunited with Owner

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Eighty-six-year-old Carol Heir went to visit her son Doug Heir in Cherry Hill, NJ, and brought along her 19-year old companion dog, Ralphie. The dog stayed at Doug Heir’s home while Carol and her son went out shopping, but when they returned home Ralphie was gone.


In a panic, the Heirs called local animal control and police to report the lost dog. They never imagined Ralphie, a Japanese chin and Bichon mix, had crossed state lines.

According to Fox Philly, a Good Samaritan found Ralphie about half a mile away from Doug Heir’s home and drove the canine to a veterinarian facility. It just happened the animal hospital Ralphie was taken to, was 12 miles away across state lines.

Because Ralphie had a working microchip, Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Center (VSEC) in Philadelphia, was able to contact Carol Heir and tell her the whereabouts of her dog.

Doug Heir drove to Philadelphia immediately to pick up Ralphie and reunite him once again with his mom.

Thanks to a microchip Ralphie was only lost and separated from his loving and rightful owners for just a few hours.