Dog defends puppy from a coyote attack

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When a coyote came in to the backyard and threatened the life of a 7-month-old puppy named Lulu, the family’s other dog Sophie came to her rescue. 2-year-old Sophie was bitten several times but prevented the coyote from hurting Lulu. Now Sophie is looking for a new home.

When Sophie’s family brought Lulu home the 2-year-old Maltipoo quickly bonded with the puppy. In early January the two dogs were in the backyard of their family’s San Diego home when a coyote wandered onto the property. The family heard a yelp and when they went outside to check on the dogs they saw Sophie defending Lulu from a coyote. The family members were able to scare the coyote off but not before Sophie suffered bites to her neck, right shoulder and side.

The family rushed Sophie to the veterinarian who stitched her up. After the incident the family feared that they could not properly protect the two dogs and surrendered them to the Helen Woodward Animal Center last week. Lulu was adopted quickly. Sophie will not be available for adoption for another two weeks as she recovers from her injuries.

Anyone interested in adopting Sophie can contact the HWAC at 858-756-4117 or visit the shelter’s website for more information.

14 thoughts on “Dog defends puppy from a coyote attack”

  1. [sigh] Another story of a dog showing more bravery and loyalty to their friends and family than the family of humans themselves… man, we’re evolving into a big bunch of chicken sh*t’s aren’t we? What a crap excuse from the supposedly more-evolved species.

    Godspeed to Sophie and I hope she finds the home she truly deserves!

  2. wow because this dog protected this other dog it gets thrown away.i wish i could throw you jerks if your not going to keep them dont get them.MAKE ME SO MAD WHEN PEOPLE DO THIS TO DOGS.THIS DOG IS GOING TO THINK IT DID SOMETHING WRONG AND ITS GOING TO WANT TO GO HOME AND CANT ALL BECAUSE OF THE JERKS THAT GOT THESE DOGS AND THROW THEM AWAY.sorry about the caps.just makes me so mad.this little one does a good thing and he/she gets thrown away because of it wow wish i could throw these jerks away.where are they i would take both of them but with my luck there in the you little one and greta job <3

  3. Poor Sophie! What an awesome dog she is. Another family will be lucky to get a dog like her. As for the family that surrendered both dogs for fear of not being able to protect them possibly. You are so full of shit. It sounds more like that they didn’t want the expense of properly caring for their dogs. A fence would do the trick. If they already have a fence, then a bigger fence. I hope they their children never get hurt.

  4. I would never get rid of my dog for any reason. However, Sophie WILL find a good home. The Helen Woodward Shelter is a clean, no-kill shelter in Encinitas, Ca. They check a person out just as if you were adopting a child. They really care about animals.

  5. This is kinda BS. Really give them away. How about watch them when they are outside. Idiots. And why weren’t’ they adopted together at least


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