Dog Digging for a Bone Finds Bomb in Back Yard

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A dog in Plantation, FL caused quite a stir when a routine digging session turned up an extraordinary find.

Authorities have confirmed that the dog unearthed an old military device that appeared to be a bomb, leading to the closure of three city blocks in Plantation near the area of 870 SW 49 Terrace while the Broward Sheriff’s Office bomb squad was called in.

The device was eventually determined to be inert, and was contained and removed from the scene. Officials say they plan to inspect the military munition in an attempt to determine how old it is and how it came to be buried in a residential yard.

6 thoughts on “Dog Digging for a Bone Finds Bomb in Back Yard”

  1. Looks suspiciously like an English Cocker Spaniel to me – anyone able to verify this? They have great noses.

  2. First of all, how deep does this little dog dig holes? Only his head is visible. His yard must look like a mine field, no pun intended.

    Good work little spaniel but try not to dig to the “center of the earth” any more. There is no telling what you’ll find next.

    Mom and Dad, give this dog a bone to chew on he needs some toys to keep him busy. Yikes!


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