Just Between Friends

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Just last weekend, a friend from the north and a friend from the south decided to meet, choosing our hometown as their destination.

That may not sound newsworthy, but when you live in the northern corner of the least populated state in the country, things can be a little quiet. So it goes without saying that when I learned they would be in town, the decision to crash their party was an easy one to make.

We met on Church Street, and after a bit of sniffing and wags it was time for the obligatory group shot.

Three amigos.

Norwood is famous for his frogging, and did not disappoint.
Sophie found higher ground, a perfect place to watch the world go by.

And then things got a little funky.
So a man was out walking his ferrets, which is understandable, because you know how ferrets get when you don't take them shopping. Norwood was allowed a sniff while Nigel and Sophie exchanged recipes from a safe distance.
After along walk on hot bricks, the ferrets dove into a cold beer.

We all fell in love with this young Border Collie.

This youngster was out for a day of socialization and became fascinated with my camera lens.
The parting shot.

And just like that they were gone, Sophie headed north of the border, Norwood to our south, us feeling a little lonely in their absence. With our collective busy schedules there is no telling when we’ll have the chance to meet again – in truth it could be years.

But we’ll always have the ferrets…

44 thoughts on “Just Between Friends”

  1. Looks like fun! Weather must finally be warm, folks dressed for summer. Ferretts on leash? And people think California folks are strange…..

    • Yes Kat! We have four ferrets. We put them on a tandem leash and go to town…hehe…not a site one sees often but ferrets love the socialization. They are extremely curious lil critters. Just have to make sure it isnt too hot out for them. Never gave them beer though, not sure that is a good thing…We are from Rhode Island…. 🙂

  2. I love this! It’s so kool when FB friends get to meet. The recipe exchange and the ferrets drinking beer was just the icing on the cake – LOL!

  3. Loads of fun and love the pictures. Knowing the greyhound life, it is funny that Nigel did not have his picture taken with the ferret and that you always had a hold of the leash. That ferret would not last a second around my girls. 🙂
    How wonderful to get to meet up with friends. Glad you had the opportunity.

  4. Luv the pics, luv the dogs, surprised by the ferrets (I guess everyone has to have a day out) and chuckled over the subtitles to the pics.

    Great fun, thanks for sharing!


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