Dog Disabled from Life in a Cage Is Finally Free!

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12.18.14 - Gargoyle1


From Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs:

****Heartbreaker of the day****

With all the horror stories we have seen and shared this year, words like “heartbreaking” don’t seem to mean much anymore. It’s really sad, as we shouldn’t have to use them so often.

That said, there really is no better word to describe Gargoyle, who we received a plea on from a GA shelter last night. This sweetheart of a boy is said to be 1-2 years old and as you can see, he is dwarfed. He is emaciated, his legs are basically folded in half and his spine is curved. To look at him, you would guess he’d been forced to grow up in & live in a small cage. Well, guess what?  You’d be right!  Where do these monsters come from that walk amongst us?!

After feeling heartbroken, the next normal response is anger. How could anyone do this, how could this possibly have been allowed to happen?!  And it makes one feel even worse because this boy is a complete mush. You’d think he’d be angry and frustrated and difficult, but he’s not. Like most abused dogs we meet, he just wants to give and receive love.


12.18.14 - Gargoyle2


Sadly, we cannot spare him the pain he’s already lived, but we can get him the medical attention he urgently needs and help him have the best future possible!

He is currently at our vet and will receive a full orthopedic consult & we are committed to doing whatever it takes to give him the very best quality of life possible.

Will you help us help him?  He will never be referred to as Gargoyle again. His new name is Landis and he will only know compassion, love and kindness moving forward.

Please join the fight to right his wrongs by donating towards his medical costs at

You may also donate to the YouCaring fundraiser by clicking HERE.


12.18.14 - Gargoyle3

0 thoughts on “Dog Disabled from Life in a Cage Is Finally Free!”

  1. I hope you’re able to use cold laser therapy for him. It’s cheap, quick, easy and doesn’t require gel or shaving. It’s got my 15 year old playing with the 2 and 3 year olds, again, and able to walk more than 2 miles. You’ll know after 3 treatments the first week if he’s going to respond to it. Cheaper than NSAIDS and safer.

    • I agree with all these comments.. What sort of person would leave any animal in a cage that they knew would be to small for it to move and no food or water. God is our salvation and animals are his creation. I’m glad someone found it and I also hope and pray God will heal and make him healthy and strong. Go little guy, go!!

  2. Where is this monster that tortured this beautiful baby? Is (s)he being prosecuted? For the love of god I hope so.

    • They need to put the responsible party or parties in a small cage. This dog is a beautiful soul and you can tell he is very gentle ( or has had it beaten out of him) I will never understand why anyone would obtain an animal and then not care for them properly. God love you Landis and may you know nothing but fun, games and LOVE from now on.

  3. This is so wrong on all levels. I wish the people responsible for this could be put in a cage for years as punishment. There is no reason to harm an animal, EVER!!

  4. Instead of all the angry messages that people are writing – take the anger and turn it around – if they know who is responsible for this – make them pay for the treatment until this poor baby is COMPLETELY healed, a hefty fine and never allowed to own/have a pet again!! That’s the way to get this person – get them where it hurts the most – in the wallet!!!!

    • What an ignorant comment. You are out of touch with reality. Do you think this person would even pay the fine? I doubt it. He or she should be locked up for a very, very, very long time. Just like Mike Vic, but he didn’t do near enough time imo. These bastards are lucky I’m not a congressman. It would be my top priority and it would be as punishable as child abuse crimes.

      • I would definitely vote for you if you did and I couldn’t care less about voting because the suffering of animals is not something most people give a damn about. That only proves how evil this world is. God bless all the sweet and innocent animals and the people who truly care about and love them.

    • Hit them in the wallet and hit them with jail. The whole thing. This human does not deserve to walk among us.

    • Mary, how about your idea AND the angry messages continue until they are no longer needed! Those of us who express our anger over this crap isn’t going to stop nor should it. Someday I would love nothing more than for all of us to not have to say anyhthing because these poor babies will be totally protected by tougher laws. But until then I for one am going to not only donate money and supplies to animal causes but I am going to scream from the rafters!!!!

    • Mary whilst I share your enlightened view,there are moments in life when you should allow righteous indignation to explode into a justified revenge by making this lesser animal who mistreated this poor innocent to a life of horror……….i am of the firm belief that I think God gave intelligence to the wrong specie

  5. i hate people who hurt dogs…i wish they all die…how can they be so cruel??? if i could only save all dogs who are being maltreated i will…i pray that whoever hurt a dog he or she be the one to feel the pain and not the dog…i also pray that there’s some good soul out there who would be willing to take care and give love to this poor dog..

  6. I hope that charges are pending for the owner along with a life time ban from ever owning any animal. I will never understand how those who have no interest or regard for living things continue to buy, steal, adopt them. As living things ourselves, put yourself in the animal’s place for one second, you cannot speak, you are totally dependent on others and all you want is to be given the basic necessities of life. Not abused, abandoned, tied to things, left behind the list goes on and on. If you cannot take care of your pet, there are many places that can find it a good home and give it the dignity,love and respect it deserves.

    As a community and world we need improved screening and background checks on potential animal owners along with data bases (no different than other offenders) to access and check on abusers. Spay and neuter your pets and educate those around you and beyond that a pet is a serious responsibility not a disposable piece of garbage.

    I am so thankful that you bring stories like this to light and that you found this special one( I wish there were no stories like this to report) and pray that this beautiful dog gets the forever home it so deserves.


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