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Dog Eats Inheritance Check


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Have you heard the classic excuse “the dog ate my homework”? Well in this case, not only is it true – but the dog actually devoured $49,000.

“He ate all the paper that was in the house that he could get his teeth on,” said owner Roberta Kemnitz. She’s alluding to a pile of shredded paper worth nearly fifty thousand dollars. Kemnitz left inheritance checks on a table with the rest of her mail, and her dog Jack promptly devoured them.


The Santa Clara woman says it’s been a nightmare recovering the funds, but she doesn’t blame Jack. “I was mad at him, but what can you do? He’s a baby boy…” When the replacement checks finally arrived, Kemnitz played it safe: her son drove straight to the bank and deposited them before Jack could find them.

“I did not want Jack to have a chance to eat them again,” said Roberta.