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Dog Eats Owner’s Engagement and Wedding Rings

by Katherine

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Sierra the black Lab is a mischievous dog and her owner Stephanie Lamb from Tulsa, Okla., knows it. When Lamb’s engagement and wedding rings, worth $23,000, went missing from her coffee table, she knew her pet had something to do with it.



The pet owner had placed her rings on the table and left them there over night, but when she went to check the following morning, the rings were gone.

“I saw the dogs near the coffee table and remembered that I’d left my wedding rings sitting on the table last night,” said Lamb. “By the time I ran over there two were gone.”

Lamb didn’t hesitate to think Sierra had mistaken the rings for treats and swallowed them. She got her dog ready Jan. 7, 2015, the two headed over the vet for x-rays. The exam showed that indeed the pet had eaten the rings.



Waiting for nature to take its course was no option. Veterinarians were afraid the rings and the other foreign objects that showed up in the x-ray (rocks and sticks) would tear the dog’s intestines. The canine was wheeled over to the operating room and a few hours later she was sent home with a clean stomach.

Lamb said she will be more careful of where she leaves her high-value possessions from now on.