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Social Media Helps Get Injured Dog Rescued

by Katherine

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A concerned animal lover took to social media to ask for help. The social media user wanted an abused and injured dog rescued from an abusive situation. The image posted showed a dog tied with a leash so short, the pet couldn’t even sit. What’s worse, the dog had a laceration on his neck caused. Fortunately, 24 hours after the image was posted, representatives from an animal organization, showed up at the house, armed with a court order.

Dog rescued from abusive living situation.
Dog rescued from abusive living situation.


The dog lived in Barrio Constitución, Argentina, and after the photograph hit social media networks, representatives of APAN (Argentina’s equivalent to the Humane Society) contacted all necessary legal officials to obtain the necessary paper work and legally remove the dog from the premises.

The dog was immediately taken to a veterinary to get this wounds cleaned. After the vet visit, he was placed in a foster home.

Rescue dog's injury.
Rescue dog’s injury.


According to rescuers, the pet’s owner was not home at the time of the dog’s removal. Once the owner came back and learned his dog was gone, he went to the police to claim his pet but the dog owner ended in a heated discussion with officials. The abuser claimed rescuers stole his dog but officers were not happy with the pet owner’s demeanor or accusations. They took down his declaration and then asked him to leave the police station.

Because the dog showed signs of abuse APAN will not be returning the dog to his owner. Instead, the pet will be nursed back to health and made available for adoption once he is healthy.