Dog Enjoys His Birthday Cake

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Any loving pet owner would never forget to celebrate his or her canine’s birthday. Many owners buy specialized doggy treats or cakes to celebrate the occasion, others cook a tasty steak for our four-legged friends, either way something is done to celebrate. In this video Rocky’s owners celebrate his 2nd birthday by letting him eat a cake. Watch as Rocky patiently waits while they sing him happy birthday and then eats his cake.

36 thoughts on “Dog Enjoys His Birthday Cake”

  1. We celebrate our dog’s birthday every yr. We have our cake, but I also make one for her with mushed potato, yogurt and seasonal fruits.

  2. that is almost animal abuse!! cake for a dog? with strawberries? is this guy nuts? sweets for a dog? i cannot get over this!! stupid!! how are his kidneys doing? horrible!!!


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