Dog family saved from dying in hot car

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Eleven dogs were close to their death when they were found locked inside a hot car. The animals were found in Sacramento, Calif., all 11 dogs, mom, dad and nine, one-month old puppies were suffering from heat exhaustion when emergency personnel arrived at the scene.

“[The animals] were all in distress from the heat,” said Animal Care Services Manager Gina Knepp.  “It was about 100 degrees in the car when we got there.”

When a dog is locked inside a hot car, it only takes 15 minutes for the animals to reach distress levels.

“They pant harder and harder,” said Veterinarian Laura Warner. “They become dehydrated.  Their blood becomes very sluggish in their system which slows the flow to their brain.”

According to Kneep, when dogs are left unattended inside a locked car and have no access to fresh air, they can have seizures and suffer brain damage.

All animals were rescued in time and they are in good health. The owner of the animals was not criminally charged, but before he is allowed to get his dogs back, he must neuter the adult dogs.

14 thoughts on “Dog family saved from dying in hot car”

  1. How about not allowing the MORON to own dogs? Take the dogs away from this monster, YOU DON’T LEAVE DOGS IN A CAR!!!

  2. No criminal charges?! Leave the owner in the car on 100 degree day and see how he handles it. If you can’t take care of animals, DON’T OWN THEM!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Not only should the animals be removed and he should have no animals ever again, but he should also be fined, jailed and have to reimburse all emergency costs associated with this. Our court system needs a major overhaul.

  4. you almost murdered 11 of your dogs but i guess you can have them back as long as you cut off the old one’s balls. seems legit.

  5. I sometimes take my dog for a ride with me on a hot day but you can bet your life my trip in the store is short and brief and I always leave my car running with the AC at full blast for my boy…….I don’t, won’t, will not tolerate any negligence for my dog….or any other….so if I see anything peculiar going on, you can bet there will be the 5-0 involved!!!!

  6. I wonder if this was just an “accident” of incredible stupidity, or was it done on purpose as a way to dispose of 11 dogs?

  7. I don’t understand why he left the dogs in a car for any length of time. It’s a miracle the dogs were found in time! That man should lose custody of the dogs and be prohibited from owning animals ever again. He should also be fined heavily.


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