Dog Feels Guilty About Wetting the Floor

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Does your dog have a guilty face when he or she does something wrong? How about an “I’m sorry” look? Molly, a cute pug, had a potty accident on the floor. Her owner is not too happy about it and Molly knows it, so the dog tries her best to “say” I’m sorry. Watch what she does.

0 thoughts on “Dog Feels Guilty About Wetting the Floor”

  1. She keeps trying to say she is sorry but the woman (who is majorly overreacting) will have none of it. Bad form pug mom. And telling her to clean it? Stupid much?

  2. The face of guilt! The only two times it has ever happened. What he did wasn’t even that bad, just funny!! I never yell at him or use harsh words, he’s too stinking cute!! My babies get positive reinforcement only! They are innocent Angels and don’t understand…


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