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Dog Fights off Snake and Saves Owner’s Life

by Katherine

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A heroic dog from Goiania, Brazil, saved the life of his 16-year old owner, Daniel Martins, when the brave, medium size dog fought off a cobra, and prevented the snake from biting the dog’s young owner.

The light brown, mixed dog, named Toquinho, shielded the young man from the reptile’s attack but consequently withstood the snake’s almost fatal bite.

Photo Credit: Daniel Martins
Photo Credit: Daniel Martins


Martins was in his bedroom using his computer when the snake entered the room. The loyal pet was also inside the room and realized the danger his human was about to face.

Immediately, the dog started barking and jumped in between the snake and his owner. When the snake attacked, the dog was on the receiving end of the reptile’s vicious attack.

In between screams, barks, hisses and yelps, Martins’s aunt who was in the home, entered the room to investigate what the commotion was all about. The woman reacted quickly and killed the snake.

Toquinho seemed to be fine after the attack, but minutes later he started to moan and grew lethargic. He was taken to a veterinarian for treatment.

Thanks to local news coverage, many animal lovers in the nation donated to cover the dog’s treatment.

Toquinho was kept under medical observation for a few days and still presents a minor renal infection, but he is expected to make a full recovery.

His brave actions saved his human, and the support of many animal lovers saved the dog’s life.