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Dog Found Nearly Starved to Death Making Progress


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magnoliaTwo weeks ago the future for Magnolia looked bleak, she was found so badly neglected that she was too weak to stand. Magnolia is a fighter though, and with the help of the Albany Humane Society in Georgia she is going to live.

Magnolia is a one-year-old Lab mix and when she was found by Animal Control officers two weeks ago she was in really bad shape. She was so emaciated she couldn’t even stand on her own. She was brought to Albany Humane Society where Dr. Sonny Odom and the rest of the staff have been doing everything they can to help the emaciated dog put weight back on and get healthy.

In just two short weeks Magnolia has gained considerable strength back and now loves running and playing with the staff. She is expected to make a full recovery though it will still take some time. She will need to put on more weight until she can receive treatment for heartworm.

Several people have inquired about adopting Magnolia, but the staff is focusing on getting her healthy before they make any decisions about adoption.

Magnolia’s previous owner has been cited for animal cruelty.