Dog Friendly Washington DC

by Amy Burkert

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Buster and Ty, your faithful pet travel correspondents here, with a look at pet friendly Washington, DC.

Buster: Independence Day is right around the corner, and long weekends are perfect for taking your dog on a road trip.

Ty: Washington, DC is not only an appropriate choice for the 4th of July, is also very pet friendly.

Buster: That’s true! From the White House, to the Lincoln Memorial, to the Washington Monument, to the Capital Building – dogs can see it all!

White House - Washington DC

Lincoln Memorial - Washington DC

Washington Monument

Capitol Building - Washington DC

Ty: More importantly, there are great pet friendly restaurants and hotels in Washington.

Buster: Ty, you’re always worried about eating and sleeping – but I have to admit, there was so much to do that even I was pooped!

Buster in Washington DC

Ty: And that’s not all! In the outskirts of Washington you’ll find historical sites, a canine cruise on the Potomac River, and Arlington National Cemetery, among other pet friendly activities.

Buster: If you’re looking for a great place to visit with your dog, we highly recommend Washington, DC.