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Milwaukee P.D. Takes Down Dog Fighting Operation


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The Milwaukee Police Department reports the bust of a dogfighting operation on the city’s north side Friday.

They say a home on N. 27th St. just north of Hampton housed the operation. Photos taken at the scene show wounded pit bulls, heavy weight equipment used for strength training, and steroid filled syringes.

Officials say one man is in custody, while others face potential charges. Six dogs were removed from the building, including a battered bait dog.

Wisconsin Humane Society advocacy coordinator Jill Kline was pleased to hear about the bust, but said the issue of animal abuse has wider implications.

“Dogfighting affects not only the dogs who suffer horribly, but also our community as a whole. Drugs, illegal gambling, guns and other types of crimes are more likely to happen at dog fights, and that leaves areas where dogfighting happens more susceptible to other types of crime. It also desensitizes those who are involved to other types of violence,” Kline said.