Milwaukee P.D. Takes Down Dog Fighting Operation

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The Milwaukee Police Department reports the bust of a dogfighting operation on the city’s north side Friday.

They say a home on N. 27th St. just north of Hampton housed the operation. Photos taken at the scene show wounded pit bulls, heavy weight equipment used for strength training, and steroid filled syringes.

Officials say one man is in custody, while others face potential charges. Six dogs were removed from the building, including a battered bait dog.

Wisconsin Humane Society advocacy coordinator Jill Kline was pleased to hear about the bust, but said the issue of animal abuse has wider implications.

“Dogfighting affects not only the dogs who suffer horribly, but also our community as a whole. Drugs, illegal gambling, guns and other types of crimes are more likely to happen at dog fights, and that leaves areas where dogfighting happens more susceptible to other types of crime. It also desensitizes those who are involved to other types of violence,” Kline said.

48 thoughts on “Milwaukee P.D. Takes Down Dog Fighting Operation”

  1. i have to agree. working in rescue on my own hook, w/out organizational support, i buy and keep my own antibiotics at my home and treat simpler cases when they are received into my care. to avoid simple injuries becoming massive infections. that makes me a rescue, NOT a dog fighter. i have, of my own personal dogs, a pittie mix and he absolutely loves tugging! we have a knotted heavy duty rope hanging from a tree that he charges and attacks and will hang from swinging his back legs around. you can almost hear him laughing. he wouldn’t dream of attacking another dog.

    it needs to be made clear in these reports exactly what constitutes a “fighting” dog, a “bait” dog, and a dog that has never been either but is in a “captive” position. like a breeder. all these terms are important to the rehabbing and future adoption of the animal.

      • If you watch the video, the item I was specifically commenting on – they discuss antibiotics as a sign of a dog fighter…

        I am not defending giving a dog steroids, and I’m not defending these creeps – I’m just saying I wish they would focus on highlighting the real evidence in their news reports instead of things such as exercise tools and antibiotics.

    • I am in touch with a few anti dog fighting organizations in Milwaukee that work with the police department. I’ll try to reach out to them to find out more about this bust. I too hope that this arrest is not just another example of the propagation of misinformation about these dogs. Sometimes, rescue organizations do more harm than good. Ultimately, no matter how you look at it, the dogs are the ones that suffer. Heartbreaking.

  2. These dog fighters need to fear the rath of dog lovers nationwide because we will put so much pressure on authorities and courts to have no mercy on these scum bags. We need to yell loud and proud, “we not going to take it anymore and we will make sure your life is absolutely miserable if we catch you fighting or mistreating dogs”…just sayin…

  3. Does anyone know how to get Best Friends involved, and if they could advocate for these dogs to be rehabbed instead of euthanized? The dogs shouldn’t have to suffer for one stupid human’s mistake (assuming he is a dogfighter).

  4. Pit bulls LOVE to hang by their jaws, when it’s in good natured play and exercise. My neighbors had a tire swing for their pit bull and when she would get the zoomies or otherwise need exercise she was told to go swing. And she did. For hours on end.

    I hate dog fighting.

    • Exactly Jessica, that was all my comment was pointing out – was that I am concerned about the specific focus on the spring pole as if it was this evil tool of torment – when most pit bulls absolutely enjoy nothing more than a good tug session on a spring pole.


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