Dog Gets Groomed by Patagonian Maras

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We’ve seen dogs getting groomed by cats, monkeys and some times birds, but have you ever seen a dog relax and let Patagonian Maras groom him or her?

13 thoughts on “Dog Gets Groomed by Patagonian Maras”

  1. Had to look this one up – Never heard of this creature before. I now know that I never want to be reincarnated as a Patagonian Maras! From the Wikipedia entry: “A male will mark his female with urine and mark the ground around her with secretions from his glands and with feces, making the grounds around the female a mobile territory. Pairs will breed together alone or with other pairs in warrens shared by up to 29 pairs.” How romantic is that?

  2. Jill Johanningmeier – I too had never heard of it and looked it up. The same urination ritual and communal living had an impact on me too


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