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Dog Gets “Job” Helping Youth Soccer Club Find Lost Balls

by Fred

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8.2.15 - MaggieFEAT

Thanks to Meg Brace and her dog Maggie, a local youth soccer club in the UK not only has an adorable unofficial mascot, but also a full time ball retriever as well.  Epic Youth Football Club meets in the open space behind where they live, and Maggie seems all to happy to help.

8.2.15 - Maggie2

The club had been having problems with lost soccer balls, and Maggie just seems to have a talent for finding them.  After the club made a public appeal for help in locating some of the missing balls, Maggie came in to save the day.

8.2.15 - Maggie3

Maggie isn’t the only talented dog in the family either.  Her brother, Gizmo, collects litter and recyclables during club meets, and makes sure the practice area is cleaned up and ready to go.  Now, if someone could teach the kids this trick, things might stay a bit cleaner.  However, Gizmo and Maggie really do a great job in helping out.