Dog Gets Shot Defending Owner in Armed Robbery

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In El Salvador, Hachi, a four-year-old Akita dog, survived a gunshot to the mouth defending his owner in an armed robbery.

“I was coming back from the bank when suddenly two men approached me demanding cash. Hachi lunged towards the man holding a gun and the thief shot my dog,” said the pet owner.

After the thieves took off, the dog owner rushed his brave friend to a local animal clinic and the heroic dog underwent emergency surgery.

According to veterinarians, the bullet went through the dog’s upper, left lip and caused multiple fractures. The canine bled profusely and veterinarians weren’t sure the dog would survive, but after three days of intensive care, Hachi regained strength and pulled through.

The pet owner said he named his dog Hachi after watching the famous movie “Hachi: A Dog’s Tale.”

“I never imagined that four years after watching the movie and getting my dog, [Hachi] would save my life and become my hero,” said the pet owner.

Veterinarians expect the canine to make a full recovery.

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  1. Get off you soapbox Tamara Cassidy. The Akita is an sncient breed. Bred specifically for its protective instincts. I don’t think the owners intentionally put the dog in harms way just to protect themselves. Family pet or not, stopping him from instictively protecting his pack is not an easy task even for the most seasoned dog owner. They’re are not trained to do this, merely being an Akita.

  2. Hachi, what a brave doggy you are and so loving and loyal to your owner! Hope you recover and feel better soon!xx

  3. Akita is an ancient breed, revered by the Japanese and protected the the Japanese government. They have been referred to as “nanny” dogs for centuries. They will protect their pack/family till their dying breath. Glad this warrior/protector will recover.


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